Freedom of Thought (part II)


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                Look at the world around us. 6.5  billion people inhabit this world; 1 Billion Chinese alone are held under the totalitarian thumb of Communist China; free thinking is not included Beijing’ s dialectic.  Another billion Muslims are restricted by the dictates of Shariah law.  Almost a billion Hindu’s inhabit the sub-continent, held within the confines of a caste system.  Add fundamental Jewish and Christian sects with their limited, backward, and anachronistic views where free thinking is not tolerated.  Follow the party line, or risk the consequences.

I am not against religious or spiritual beliefs. Everyone is entitled to believe equally whether it’s accepting Jesus Christ or The Flying Spaghetti Monster. Individuals should be free to their own personal philosophies and act responsibly in regards to them.   However it is a criticism of fundamental systems which we are all subjected to; systems that do the thinking for us. Not only do fundamental religious elements of global society discourage progressive thinking, their actions or inactions lead me to believe they wish to regress civilization; especially in cultural and scientific fields, where it appears anything beyond  17th Century thought is an anathema.

I suppose I am an idealist as it is my belief that for humanity to consciously evolve we must embrace change. We must let go of dated structures which impede our progress. We are held back by institutional slavery; whether it’s economic, religious, social or other, we are indentured servants to the powers that be; powers who are mainly men, whose ego, nay, whose entire sense of self is completely embedded in the past, that any major change would surely destroy them and their sense of self.   I encourage everyone to think for themselves, to suspend all that they think know. Question everything, and ask does any of this make sense?

To be continued.


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Thanks flour. I appreciate you reading this. Part 3 I hope to get out tomorrow.

very good story i thankyou!