Freedom of Thought (part Iii)

My biggest complaint is with American mainstream media (MSM).  The American Public is largely misinformed about most current events; 15 second sound bites are the dietary staple.  The news is purely profit driven. Nightly they sell all manner of murderous mayhem, dystopian forecasts and tawdry tales of the flesh. Seldom do their broadcasts contain anything remotely happy or news worthy.  Any “real” news is tightly controlled by their parent companies; ensuring any wrong doing that could be attributed to potential advertisers is not mentioned.  Expose legitimate news only in small doses, but sell Britney Spears Circus or Michael Jackson’s comeback because that is what viewers “want” and what viewers want drives revenues.              There are plenty of mainstream outlets to choose from depending on your political leanings. All of them have their faults.  But the CNNs and FOXs of the world distort and omit at will.

`               Here are two examples of serious news that was somehow missed by the MSM:

                On February 12th of this year it was widely reported by all media outlets that MMR vaccinations were not the underlying cause of autism in children. Yet, on February 25th of this year, the court ruled that MMR’s were indeed the cause. (I have links to the actually court documents). This huge story was missed entirely by the MSM. Why?

                And just 3 days ago, another major story missed by the MSM.

                Thankfully the European press caught onto this one.  Pharmaceutical giant Baxter is responsible for an act of gross negligence sending test tubes of human flu virus (H3N2) with unlabeled bird flu virus H5N1.  It was only by accident that mix up was uncovered when an Austrian lab injected lab ferrets with what they thought was human virus. The ferrets died, and it was discovered that they were injected with bird flu virus (H5N1). If this went undiscovered a true pandemic could have been released upon the population.

                The only mention of this in the American media was two short blurbs in Bloomberg and New Scientist magazine.  How many Americans read those publications?

                I mourn the loss of responsible journalism in the MSM.  I believe that news outlets have a responsibility to the public to factual and ethically report the news; however I do not blame them for trying to make a profit. After all they are only providing a demand for what people want to buy. People need to wake up to the world around them.

(To be continued)

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the news=OMG!!! the sky is falling! beware! the story at 11!