I Wish - Sheeple Rant

I get really annoyed at times at the people who surround me. They go through life with blinders on, seeing only what they want to see. Their lack of knowledge about the world which surrounds them astounds me. Sometimes I wish that I could be like them and allow myself to be fed a steady diet of crap on TV. Then I could be” loving it”, eating McDonalds and being hooked on American Idol. That I could be swept away emotionally by the passing of noted celebrities who had no bearing on my life. That I was compelled to get prescriptions drugs to counter peeing too much; and that I was mortally worried about the Swine Flu. I wish I could idolize the talking heads on FOX or CNN and let do the thinking for me.  .   I wish I could believe a politician every time they opened their mouths.  I would love to be able to advocate the mass killing of hundreds of thousands of people because they are Brown and have different beliefs than me. I wish I could go to church and believe everything I am being told.  I wish that I could believe it my God-Given right as man, to take the bounty of the Earth for my own selfish needs.  My mortal curse is my intellect. I have a keen interest in the world and natural curiosity of many subjects.  I see through the “everything about nothing and nothing about everything “, bullshit I am sold on a daily basis, and will refuse to be a brainwashed sheep, mind ****** by the powers that be.

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It is written somewhere that 99.99% of the population of the planet are asleep and the remainder walk around in constant amazement.
Just not enough of us... and trying to wake others just ****** them off.
Truley hell has never been more real than now.

Love it love it love it! Smokeseek, I completely agree.

Wow, an avalanche of comments overnight (on an older story) Thank you everyone. I think dysfunctionalmuse said it best, if people could only focus their energies on something actually mattered. Again thank you everyone who commented overnight.

No idea.

What's american Idol????

Ugh, this just got me thinking. A trending topic on Twitter is "Save Paula" since she left American Idol and everything.<br />
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If only people could exert the same energy for something that actually mattered.

Great story thanks for sharing...:)

Did you hear Paula Abdul is not gonna be on next year? What is this world coming to?????

Thank you for sharing, we need people like to you get us ouf the matrix-like world that we are living in....You have opened my eyes....<br />
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Thank you!<br />
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I love the show DollHouse btw :D...(lol)

Thanks for the comments. I am always happy to hear from people who can think for themselves.

I agree so much.

Kindal, you missed the point. There is nothing wrong w/ American Idol or anything else I mentioned. I don't think that AMerican Idol should be front page news though. What is wrong is that the American Public puts a lot of useless energy and non-thought into their daily lives. This all driven the mainstream media - who has taking "thinking" out of the equation of how we live.

thanks flour

Great story my friend and I honestly must agree!

thanks alicia :)