Ahh, to Have and Use Your Own Mind . . .

What a wonderful feeling.  It's sad to think that so many people get by now a days allowing other people, religion(s) and/or the media in general to run their life.  

What a cop out! 

What a liberating feeling it is to know that you have your beliefs because you've thought them out for yourself and taken in everything to pin point how you feel about life and any issues included in it. 

And how joyous it is to know that I am raising my children to think for themselves also. 

piscesgal piscesgal
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I believe in exposing my children to life in all forms. I don't shove any doctrine or belief down my children's throat at all. I do explain(when asked) how I feel about certain things and why, and my husband does the same(we don't have the same beliefs, but it's never been a problem) they are free to ask questions and form their own opinions. :-)

I hear you on that Puff, I'm sure that can be a long and tedious process, but you're so much the better off now, and you have a vantage point that I don't. Glad you grew up to be who you are though!

Thanks so much Puff, it's a wonderful feeling for myself, and to have my children grow up in a similar manner that I did is great, they are both so smart and wonderful free thinkers. :-)

Thanks so much Frito!!

When reading your stories I've always felt you had so many choices...and have chosen wisely...and chosen the road towards the light. Your children has a wise and loving Mom.

Thanks Lea<br />
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And Destry, no, I don't think there is, and it's so simple and easy to accomplish!

Hear, hear piscesgal :-)

I agree 100 % Lea, that's how it should be, and it's just sad that other parents can't be as understanding and open minded too.

Yes I will definitely have my children understand this. I always have said or thought what I think, so I know they'll get it from me lol!! I will support them and love them for their choices, wherever they may fall :-)

I agree CHPP, I really hope it rears it's 'ugly' head a bit more in my lifetime. :-)<br />
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Yes, Lea, it is a joy to have, and to encourage the little ones to do the same. :-)

Free thinking is definitely good :-)