Okay, so like...... Highschool. How the hell do you get through this??? Basic do's and don'ts. I don't want any baby stuff like "be yourself" and "get good grades". Should I be the first one to talk when making friends?? Since I don't have any friends, where do I sit during lunch, I mean I'm surely not gonna "ASK" if I can sit somewhere. I mean who does that anymore??? I know that I need to walk into there with my chin up. So that's not a problem. I already have a couple of outfits planned, so that's not the problem. I'm not even sure where I'm gonna sit on the bus. And on top of all this, imma have to deal with a bunch of annoying seniors who are a bunch of ********. Like it's seriously 1:00 am, and I'm having another anxiety attack!!!!! Hello other freshman, how are you handling these anxiety attacks??? Why am I so afraid of social interactions!!! Why am I about to cry just because I "might" have to say hi to someone!!!!! And why the hell are high schools so big, like how are we suppose to get around!!!!! School starts this Wednesday, and I'm not near being mentally prepared. My mentor is offline and I don't know what to do with myself. I don't wanna talk about it or have a conversation. I just want some quick advice to calm my nerves :P
Prettylildyke Prettylildyke
16-17, F
Aug 23, 2014