Im Worried

im someone who cherishes my friendships. one in paticular is with one of my male friends. ive been in love with him for a lil over 4 yrs now. i have repressed it cuz he at the time didnt feel the same about me, yet as time went on we only got closer anyway. rencently he took a 2nd trip to the hospital in a near death car accident. (a few yrs ago he hit his head and was in the hospital for 3 weeks). and just when i thought ive grown past it. i see him lying helpless all i wanna do is drop everything and take care of him. i never have loved another like ive loved him.. ive been in relationships since ive known him but itsd true what they say, u cant be in love with 2 ppl at once. sexual i have no problems being with someone else but my heart belongs to him without second thought. i know that i will spend the rest of my life alone cuz hes the only one i want. but at this point im just worried about him. i fear one day i will wake up and hear that hes dead. and its constant fear....
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what? im not understanding what your trying to say

confused after fours of you knowing all this. have you shared this with either man or is there more to this story. after fours you right you going to be alone and also everyone that you tell this story to is going to wonder why haven't you shared this with all the people who are involved.