I Seem To Be A Comedian When I Sing

Whenever there are karaoke* in parties, my friends would push me to go first. Not because they think my voice is beautiful, but because they laugh at my voice. I am definitely not blessed with a singing throat. I always thought that there something wrong in me internally the my voice cannot tolerate high pitches or follow the original note of the song. Usually, I unconsciously make my note with the same lyrics. And then they would laugh at me even if I am taking it seriously. So I just go along with my out of tuned voice and make it more out of tune.

I may be out of tune, but hey! I make people laugh. but truthfully, I want to sing better. *sighs*

*karaokes are common in parties here in the Philippines. so I get pushed a lot.
mhel0w8 mhel0w8
22-25, F
Feb 9, 2012