A Day In The Live Of Slave82782

Monday May 7, 2012
Getting up at 0600 hrs. Fast clean up and then off to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. Everything has to be done from scratch. 0645 hrs. wake up Master gently and kiss him good morning. He goes into the shower and I set out his clothes for him and watching what I am cooking. Luckily everything is on one level and I have no steps. Master comes dressed into the breakfast room. I have prepared a freshly squeezed glass of tomato juice and a freshly brewed cup of coffee. I serve scrambled eggs, bacon, hash browns and biscuits. Master leaves at 0745hrs. and I wait in the doorway until he is gone. I put the dishes away in the dishwasher and go to take a shower. Then I go back and continue to clean up the kitchen, vacuum the floors, clean up the bedroom and make the bed. It is 0920 and there is plenty to do. I have to pull two reports, both of which Master needs for the 10 o'clock meeting. The 800phone rings and I am talking to a client, who needs answers. I try to juggle the reports and the client. I fax the reports to Master at 0952. Master is pleased. We have had issues with our wi-fi and the cable company was to sent someone to check it. He was to come early but finally shows up around 11 or so. He is rather uncomfortable with me being nude, and asked if I could dress. I explain I have no clothes, he doesn't understand. He stays for nearly two hours, until he finally decides to switch modems. Finally I can retrieve client e-mails and answer them Master will be home by 1300 hrs and expects something to eat. I go and prepare. Master calls to let me know that he won't be home for lunch, but needs another report instead and needs it 5 minutes ago. I try my best and eventually get what he asked for and faxed it to him. Master faxed the minutes from the 10 o'clock meeting. I write them into word and fax it back for him to copy and pass it along. The phone rings very much all afternoon and I am just busy answering.  Go to the mailbox around 1500hrs and get the mail. See the blinds moving across the way. Makes me smile. He is older and just waiting for me to walk nude to the mailbox to retrieve my mail. Somewhere in that I need to find a way to start on dinner. Master is very apt about having dinner at 1800 hrs. Unfortunately not tonight. I am 7 minutes late. Master will sit down at the dining room table a few minutes before and when the news are coming on - his food be better there. Well it wasn't. This isn't about looking for excuses, but it was what it was.
After having cleaned up the kitchen, I went to get the crop. It was Monday and I was to receive my maintenance spanking, but I also was late with dinner.
Master waited until I had taken the position and I received 7 hard strokes with the crop on my butt. Then I had to lay on my back on the dining room table and spread my legs to receive 30 slaps on my girlie parts for maintenance.
Master likes his glass of wine in the evening, which I brought to him. I thanked him that he kept me in my place and cuddled next to him.
At 2130 hrs I prepared the bed for him, so he could get in whenever he wanted to. He went soon afterwards and I followed, as I too was quite tired.
slave82782 slave82782
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4 Responses May 16, 2012

Lucky guy, you are a good slave.

how are you a slave?

I feel for you. Lately I had been getting up at 5 a.m. and worked in the horse barn to get things done there, before going back to the house. Luckily my husband is not as picky about his breakfast.

You serve your master well. He is lucky to have you and has you trained well. You are very lucky that he has accepted your gift to him. Keep taking the good care of him that you do.