Mistress has ordered me to write a letter and let you know how my Christmas vacation was. I was kept busy cleaning, cooking, shopping, and of course serving Mistress and her friends sexually. On Saturday December 22, Mistress her girlfriend and myself were shopping at a local mall for gifts for Mistress’ family bought of course on my credit card. Mistress has complete control over my finances and I am only allowed buy what Mistress orders and of course I buy what she wants for herself and her girlfriend.

I was wearing a very short pleated pink skirt suited more for a teenage girl than a woman in her forties, a pink garter belt with lacy top stockings, pink low cut tight blouse, six inch heels, with no bra or panties. I also had my large butt plug in my *** hole which was 10 inches long and five inches thick. Every step I took the plug moved stretching my *** hole and moving up and down it was very uncomfortable but Mistress says the larger plug helps me take the strap on ****** when I am ****** up there as it keeps my *** hole stretched. I now have no control over what I wear as I am an owned slave no matter how humiliated I may feel wearing the outfits Mistress has me wear.

My jugs were also bouncing around in my tight blouse as I walked and my *** wiggled in the tight short skirt I was wearing. I was utterly humiliated when I had to bend down when paying for items as I knew the sales women could see my naked jugs and also my nipples became hard and poked out through my tight blouse which caused people especially teen girls to stare at my large boobs and their was many comments directed my way as to how I looked like a ****. When walking up stairs or riding the escalators I knew that people behind me were getting a full view of my naked *** and also that I was wearing a butt plug.

While climbing up the stairs I heard someone say is that our uptight Ms Foley showing of her naked *** and wearing a plug I turned around and nearly died as it was four girls who I taught last year two lesbian couples who I had caught making out in the restroom at school and had reported getting them into trouble. Mistress and her girlfriend hugged and kissed them as I was ordered to stop and greet them properly meaning I had to call them Ms Smith etc. When I faced them they started to giggle when they saw I was not wearing a bra and my nipples were poking through my tight blouse. They commented how different I looked to when I taught them last year and that I now looked like a little **** *****.
Mistress asked them what they were going to do that evening and when they said nothing special Mistress whispered to me to beg them to join us for dinner and for a spanking and ******* as I was so mean to them last year. So red faced I faced them and said I would be honored if they would join us for dinner and that little ***** teacher slave needed a spanking for been so mean to them last year. I also had to beg each of them for the honor of being ****** in my butt hole by them as a way of making up to them. Well after a fit of giggles by each of them they accepted.

That night they took great delight in calling me a worthless little ***** teacher slave as I had to ***** off in front of them serve them dinner and then in my living room after dinner had to crawl on my hands and knees each of them beg them for a spanking lay over their laps and receive my spanking which soon had me crying in pain. Then I had to ask for the honor and privilege of licking out their ******* and then beg to be ****** in my *** with their strap on’s. I continue to find this so humiliating to have to beg teen girls to abuse me and **** me in my *** hole. The evening was long and at the end I had being ****** over and over in my *** hole which was very sore at the end.

I of course spent most of the holidays naked and on my knees either being ****** or licking out the ******* of a number of my students or other young women. Now and again I attended parties with my three sister teacher slave ****** Nancy, Kim, and Emily and often we had to put on ***** shows and also lick each other out. All of us have to beg to be have the honor of being ****** by out students and or licking out their *******. On Friday the 28, of December all four of us attended a special party at the house of an older Mistress. We had to serve her guests drinks and food walking around wearing only heels, garter belt and stockings. Her guests were informed that they could touch us but their was to be no sexual contact. The high light of the evening was when three slaves were brought in crawling on their hands and knees wearing a collar and being led by a leash. It was a mom and her eighteen year old twin daughters they looked so humiliated and scared.

They were first tied to a whipping post and were whipped until they were screaming. Then they were held by their hair and forced to suck on dogs ***** until the dog cumed all over their faces. These were very big dogs English Mastiff’s their ***** I am told can grow from 12 to 18 inches or around that each woman then had lube put up her *** and then a dog inserted his large **** into their *** holes and I was told then they knot meaning that the dogs **** swells into around a six inch knot so he does not slip out when he ******* his *****.
They were let go once the dogs knotted inside of their *** holes and had full control over them. They began to **** them forcing them around the heated barn on the clay covered ground. They women were screaming I think in humiliation as much as in pain. They remained knotted together for over an hour I had to excuse myself go outside and I vomited my guts out as did Kim, Nancy, and Emily. When the dogs let the women go three more dogs were brought behind the woman and it was about to happen all over again. But first the mother had to lick out the butt holes of her twin daughters and they had to take turns licking out their moms *** hole.

On the way home Mistress and her girlfriend made comments about how I would look being ****** by a Mastiff. While at the party I learned some women actually do this for their own sexual pleasure. I had night mares that night about being ****** by Mastiff’s. Mistress told me disobedient slaves get punished like that and I have got Mistress’ message and have being working at becoming the most obedient submissive slave as I can be.

Happy New Year

owned lezzy *** *****
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I am glad you give your mistress total control maybe you will learn to be a good *****

You are a true **** **** slave


Thanks for the story, I enjoyed it. Please add me. Thanks.

I am a sissy who completely gets off on on anal humiliating and embarrassment about my tiny penis. Id love to get to talk to you alittle about the humiliation you feel. hope to read more about your amazing life

Nobody should have to do that with a dog. Is there any part at you enjoy or like to do?