For a young girl who's never been away from home or her parents more than a weekend, I thought this transition would be harder being away from my family and all. But it's great and I love it! Being away from hovering parents, no curfew. It's awesome. Granted there are some things you have to just get used to (like the drunks that like to make a lot of noise at 2am) but it's all really not that bad. It's a small taste of the real world. You control YOU.

I never thought I'd be a girl who "pregames" before parties. But I did. And it was fun so I don't even care. I also never thought I'd have sex with a guy I just met. But I did. And I don't even feel ashamed cuz it was goood! We were sober and watched movies. Strangers are just friends you haven't met yet lol. But you live and you learn. Peace.
shithappens2me shithappens2me
18-21, F
Sep 2, 2014