Killing Is The Way To Survive. Darwin's Theory, The Law Of The Strongest

You could say in some way I am an philosopher, I consider myself as a thinker with knowledge of the world. I state that you only live a real life when you think about life. We live in a world that is dying because of the environment and over population. The air is full of toxic gasses and the pole caps are melting. This is because of our own faults, what we of course already know. The everlasting ways of production provide us with the products we need, I don't want to say that we could do different because we can't. We need products for every day use but the problem is that there are to many people who need those products so mass production is needed. The world is full of people, If you ask me to many people. As a matter of fact there are so many people in this world that there are almost no jobs available. I consider that there will be a day in the future that there will be so many people on this earth that all the natural recourses will be not enough anymore. that moment will come sooner that we can effort.

Once a very wise man whom we all know said, "It is the law of the strongest" this man was Darwin. He stated that all the living creatures who survived the ages did this simply because they were stronger. Let the weak die so the strongest could survive. But when I look at what we human do I think we are doing it all wrong.

You see, we humans like the word freedom. But what does freedom means ? does it mean that we can do what ever we want ? No.. Does it mean that you could live wherever you want ? no.. I consider this strange because this is the meaning of freedom in is true definition..

Now you think were do I wanna go with this blog, well...

The world is growing full, there will be a time that there are so many humans in this world that it will be impossible to survive. I know of course that my theory never will be allowed but that doesn't mean that it isn't true.

When in a forest there are to many deers, the local government decide that there must be some hunters whom will kill some deers so the other deers will have more food to survive. If they don't do that, there will be no food, so they will die all together.

It is illegal to kill, but is it illegal to kill in order to survive ?

I live in Europe, and from what I know there are more people than there are jobs, there is to much production what makes the environment bad.

Think of this, there are allready to many people and to less jobs at this time. Consider I am not an anti-semite but what would be our situation now if Adolf Hitler didn't start a world war and did not had killed al those innocent people in his holocaust.

The amount of dead people by this holocaust was about 10 to 11 million people. lets do some math.

Lets say all those 10 million people did survived, and half of those ten million people would be woman.
lets say that those 5 million woman and 5 million man would start a family by making couples of two, we would have 5 million little families, lets say all those 5 million families would get 3 kids in a time period of 25 years and 25 years later their children would make 3 kids after making couples. If that would be so ( this is pure in theory) then those 5 million couples would give birth to two generations who will carry the amount of 22500000 people, 22,5 million people that is and they would have children to.

I don't want to say that the second world war was a good thing, but I do consider the possibilities of a very big problem if this war didn't happen.

I think this theory is at function to our own race to.

Kill those who are to weak in order to survive..

We live and let live but I'm sure that it would be natural to let live and let die.

I hope I will get many reactions because I am curious about this theory.
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We spent 3 billion on military in two quarters of the year in 2010. 34-36G an inmate a year and that is just a portion of what we spend on the CJ issues. I know I joined for a short term. We need to get the issue at the root. Child bearing in ignorance and ill will along with over population. Immagrants and mail order brides, we are over populating with ill will. I am happy at times when large amounts do regards to humanity being overpoulated and 75% ill willed living of Govt and accountable tax payers.

I would like to see our entire species disappear so other animals species could thrive. I find our species pretty disgusting.

Children of the Corn, execution at the age of 30 hell adults **** up the world more anyway. Hormones and old age brain dysfunction. We could learn a lot from the other animals. Who needs botox just go to sleep and stop trying to hold on to fades quick for a reason. We may have figured out how to live longer but what happened if we did live forever.. eventually we need predators like Hitler to control our populations..I've always known this.

Allocation of resources is always about cost. This is much of your argument- you do see that don't you? I have considered that I may grow old one day. I was pointing out that the elderly consume more resources in general. When you make an argument be prepared for counterpoints. The expectation is that you will argue those as well in favor of your original theory.

The United States has one of the highest rates of infant mortality in the world. Did you know that? If you look at the cost of healthcare the "scans" and testing of all pregnant women would be very costly. The reason we have such a high infant mortality rate is that many pregnant women do not have access to health care and/or do not take good care of themselves. By providing healthcare to these women you would most likely see an increase in live births, and therefore no cost savings even if you do eliminate unborn children with birth defects. <br />
<br />
The elderly are the biggest cost burden in our society. Now that insurance companies have initiated wellness programs and penalize those who are overweight, do not control their blood pressure, or who smoke we will be left with an even greater number of elderly people to care for. For your next school theory you might want to explore that.

It would be more beneficial in this new world order you suggest to kill the strong. Then my family and I have a better chance of survival. This would be important to me.