Hi all! I have read that psychopaths can't feel guilt or shame. But how about remorse and embarrassment? Can they feel them?
It seems impossible for me not to feel at least those too. For example let's say that you are with a boy/girl you like. What if you vomit  or sneeze while kissing? Wouldn't you feel embarrassement? Or walking in the street with your pants (you know where i mean). Don't get me wrong I just don't get it. These are simply feelings and it seems impossible in these situations someone to feel nothing at all. How about e.g. you fail a test. Wouldn't you feel remorse? Example a thought : if i had studied i would have passed the test. Or you hit your child so bad he/she ends up in hospital. Or how about when you have bad memories from some persons that they did harm to you. Would still wanna meet them and not feel anything at all?
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more like self-frustration for not achieving a goal... like making people consistently think I am a given way. I pretend to feel ashamed, I guess, but you know, it's just playing the part.

Although they got rarer as I got older.

Embarrassment yes, I had a ton of experiences whereI I acted a little too impulsive or without thinking something through and I've when I looked back I though: "I so shouldn't have done that."

Finally someone asnwered my question :P I guess the other members aren't real psychopaths.
Thanks your answer was good.

Irritation with myself for being "stupid" is the primary emotion I feel when i loose control over some situation. I can sometimes feel embarrassed that I let myself be perceived as making mistakes and/or loosing control.

Psychopaths cannot feel remorse. That's one of the most important things to look for when detemining if someone is a psychopath. I'm not quite sure about embarrassment, but I don't feel it very often.

Didn't you ever feel stupid about something you did? Cause this is the definition of embarrassment right?

I'd say embarrassment is more like feeling so stupid that you regret doing what you did. I don't believe I've ever felt that way.