Ever Met Another Psychopath?

I mysef am not a psychopath, rather a sociopath, but my friend (and I'm sure you know I use that term lightly) is a psychopath and she hasn't met many others. Anyway, inquiring minds want to know... do tell. Also when did you realize you were a psychopath?
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i am a sociopath i have little projects with mice, frogs and squirrels I love hurting girls but ther are times i care ther is my dog and my sister and on girl but besides that i feel nothing, i feel better alone than with other people i always have and i used to bully kids to watch them cry i hide it better but i always wanted to find another one like me just to see i always am the only one of my kind my friend has anger issues and used to help me with my animal projects but now im alone

I am A psychopath. Never diagnosed but I know I am. I'm only 12. I spend alot of my time "experimenting" with other animals. Won't get into detail. I think it would be interesting to meet one. Someone else that understands you. My best friend has no idea and he is very emotional so I doubt he'll get it. If you have any questions about being A psychopath you can email me. Just reply to this and I'll message it to you.

Apparently i'm a psychopath , i'm not shocked , always had a "feeling".
it's weird but i have no feelings for people in general , none what so ever , usually just copy what people do , Does anyone want to talk to me?

I was diagnosed with psychopathy and my partner is a sociopath. With internet access I assume two individuals with the same rare diagnosis would find it quite easy to access eachother however I have met no other individuals who I know to have been diagnosed.

I "hope" every day to meet another psychopath, although chances are slim: according to some sites only 1% or .5% of human populations have psy. tendencies and don't forget that most end up in jail. You're very lucky to have met your friend. I mean is there a way (other than observing, which I always do) to find psychopaths?

I don't think there is another way. It was very lucky that I met her. It's a statistical miracle. Not only is she a Psychopath, she's also a girl and I'm friends with her. What are the chances of that? I would try putting out an online ad or something like that, if you're that desperate.

I am yet to meet one in person....I don't think any source of statistics can be reliable, as it can only include those who have been diagnosed by a psychiatrist or psychologist...and I would say the numbers of undiagnosed are many....on here you may meet one or two...each time I think I have...I usually see signs that in fact I haven't. if you know how, you can weed them out.

I think i misspoke, hope is too strong a word. I mean that it would be fun, but I'm nowhere near that desperate and even if I was posting an ad could have other bad consequences like attracting those psychopaths who can't control themselves or would want to destroy what I have.

Right. Obviously placing an ad saying you want to meet other psychopaths is extremely dangerous and you would be very foolish to do it. I was merely throwing it out there, because it was the only option I could think of at the time.

But yes, it would be fun to meet others like us. Too bad a convention of some kind would probably end with us all dead.

Yes, the statistics are biased. I mean how many psychopaths and sociopaths haven't been caught? But based on the statistics it is rare that I should meet and befriend a girl psychopath. And yes, weeding out the fake ones is tedious and annoying. It seems that Psychopathy and Sociopathy have become the new fashion trend.

But imagine how great a convention would be. What if the entry requirement was that you brought an empath date (but that the psy./emapth ratio is something like 3:1). Imagine how much fun we could have. I think you really can't look at the statistics. Just think how many people are out there that were born with a conscience and empathetic feelings and lost them during their life, and became more or less like us.

I think it's a good bit higher than 0.5%. Somewhere between 1 and 2%. I think we've all met psychopaths, regardless of whether or not they hid it well or we realized the signs at the time is another matter.

Statistically it's exceedingly unlikely not to have come into contact with one-- Who''s not met more than 50-100 people?

Personally I've met a number who I've figured were probably psychopathic.

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when I attempted to drown the family dog only stopping due to being seen how disappointing, I was 9. although that is hindsight...the actual moment I realised what when I noticed...I just didn't care...when I was old enough to comprehend that I should feel for others...but didn't. I just didn't care. I still don't don't, I never will.

Interesting. So you stopped drowning your dog because you were afraid of the repercussions? Or because you didn't like being seen as a dissapointment?

And it seems that both Psychopaths and Sociopaths alike m don't care about others.

I never thought that much about it...at the time I just stopped because I had been snapped in the process...I was rather angry at the time...I don't remember it being bought up...but my mother is very nervous about confronting people...even children, to this day she still has trouble dishing out growling's and tackling the hard topics...but there was the odd occasion where she would let rip...you heard about whatever you had done for hours!...and hours!

Ah well, that makes sense.