Next Level Social Apparatus.

Through the combination of the emotional sensitivity of cyclomania, the seductiveness of histrionic tendencies, and psychopathic like objective discernment...I have arrived at a highly effective social tool for garnering favorable reputation and astonishing levels of adoration. It helps if you throw in as much self actualization as possible.

It's a combination of different personality and psychological disorders that have been suggested I may be afflicted by according to "professionals". Ive always gone against the status quo, and refused to be labelled as anything that is "typical" or "common". I believe we posses the ability to be modular when it comes to our personality traits. Don't beat the "illness", harness it and utilize it. I call this "chaining the beast". If something is beneficial, retain it or seek to attain it. If it is not, discard it or wield it like a hitman.

Don't be "who you are", be what you need to be.
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3 Responses Sep 21, 2012

be who you are,
be who you want !
Why settle for need
when you can have greed

Looking at ourselves objectively, we can quickly discover that we have a lot of useless emotions and behaviors. When we can detach from the idea that we are important or what we think, feel, believe is we can start deciding what we want to be. It's like psychological spring cleaning. Not only is it healthy behavior, but it's useful as well and helps you achieve the social positions that you want.

In my opinion, the jury is still out on agression (in terms of it's importance and effectiveness). Every tool set needs a hammer I suppose, but I find myself rarely being aggressive. Most of the time it's just not conducive to social situations where the goal is to be acceptable. Flattery and genuine expressions will get you much further. Agression is a blunt tool. I would recommend something with a little more finesse...

I came to the same conclusion, that only when we look objectively at ourselves are we able to see our true potential. There are certain things that I wish I was more confident with however, being aggressive is something I am not sure how to do effectively. Maybe I can work on that more.