Ego And The Socialized Psychopath

If you are a socialized psychopath then you recognize that you are a barren creature who has been inflicted or gifted with the brush of humanity. A gift or curse that you struggle with.

Everything ego about you screams "me, me, me!" Yet that is the crux of your existance. You do not through your ego believe that you will ever truly die. Immortality. And to be immortal we have been taught there must be something good, something redeeming about your soul.

I have faced the threat of death and felt no fear. But living is something else. Through living I want to delay or prevent death. I want immortality because I like being alive.

To be immortal we are taught there needs to be redeeming qualities. A soul.
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4 Responses Oct 11, 2012

If there was immortality up for grabs, I'd be on top of the pile with a needle and brace , along with a bunch of other psychos. And we would be the most deserving candidates. Survival of the fittest. Immortality....pfff....go back to church you god fearing sheep

Given that psychopathy is, within itself, a personality disorder such delusions as to think one is immortal will not be present. True, psychopaths act in such a way that they feel invicible, yet there is still remedial logic of harm and self expiration. To stare a gun down and feel nothing is not the same as telling someone to shoot you in the head because you believe your superman. To not fear death or even to not think of it as a future event at all isn't the same as to actively believe it won't happen; that would be a diagnosable psychosis, to which psychopathy is famously devoid of.

You're response was neither correct nor did it follow any rational consistency within itself.

Read the DSM, or any psychology article. Make sure to have a dictionary near by, seeing as your intelligence level is clearly below average. A personality disorder does not map someones entire personality, nor does a disorder define that there is something negatively effecting someones adaptability or functioning. It means there is something abnormal (and in some cases maladaptive) about an aspect of ones personality. Psychopathy is a disorder, however it does not always hinder someones ability to act within social norms. In rare cases it does; those would be seen within headlines. (a further suggestion: read the news)

You support your statements with false assumptions, therefore it will be difficult to argue with you. That being said, you obviously see the flaw in your view or else you would not have responded as such. You gave room for doubt in your last message, therefore you are simply on this topic to goat others into confrontation. I fail to see why people of your inadequate nature focus on a group of individuals that possess such superiority. You will only fail.

You speak of facts and truths; show some of your own. (my last suggestion, totally off topic: Check your work, read through more than once, and correct your grammar and spelling errors. You sound like a child whining for an out of reach toy.)

Yeah I am not sure your conclusion is true, and your premise is faulted, surely things with qualities less desirable can be immortal, if such a state exists. Look at the Universe which could be immortal, contains mostly death and decay.

Soul? I use the term in reference, but I myself do not believe it exists, there are chemicals in the brain, functions that produce emotion and delude people and generated this "soul"
but I see myself and all beings as flesh...walking lumps of dying flesh, we die and live everyday. immortality does not exist in this physical world or any so called spiritual is your name that people remember...and your actions. that is where you find immortality