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Ego And The Socialized Psychopath

If you are a socialized psychopath then you recognize that you are a barren creature who has been inflicted or gifted with the brush of humanity. A gift or curse that you struggle with.

Everything ego about you screams "me, me, me!" Yet that is the crux of your existance. You do not through your ego believe that you will ever truly die. Immortality. And to be immortal we have been taught there must be something good, something redeeming about your soul.

I have faced the threat of death and felt no fear. But living is something else. Through living I want to delay or prevent death. I want immortality because I like being alive.

To be immortal we are taught there needs to be redeeming qualities. A soul.
plmay plmay 36-40 5 Responses Oct 11, 2012

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If there was immortality up for grabs, I'd be on top of the pile with a needle and brace , along with a bunch of other psychos. And we would be the most deserving candidates. Survival of the fittest. Immortality....pfff....go back to church you god fearing sheep

we can only be use. we can never be any one ells. every one only cares about their self and are selfish. this is the normal person. you dont give to charity because they need the money. you give because you feel that is the right thing to do and you want to do the right thing so you selfishly do what you want to to,and to the right thing by giving.

not believing you can die is not relative to psychopaths. Have you ever considers that some people dont care about dying? some people know that its only their physical body that dies and they stay alive. others know that life is just an experience. Why would you want to experience file in a physical body if your bored? as long as your enjoying the experience. time dose not matter. 1 year of awesome enjoyment and then you die, or 20 years of horrible prison, then instantly die. which would you want?

stupid people want to live for ever. smart people dont want to.

psychopaths dont struggle to be their self. normal people do because there not allowed to be their self and do things they want to do. No one wants to be some stupid normal enslaved human that gets paid to be a slave.

being a psychopath is not a gift or a cures. we never received it nor was it forced to be a part of us. we are born that way. psychopath is just traits, and characteristics are influenced traits but not all are.

stop comparing psychopaths to humans. stop trying to lie and say normal humans are better. we are great and your just a slave.

Given that psychopathy is, within itself, a personality disorder such delusions as to think one is immortal will not be present. True, psychopaths act in such a way that they feel invicible, yet there is still remedial logic of harm and self expiration. To stare a gun down and feel nothing is not the same as telling someone to shoot you in the head because you believe your superman. To not fear death or even to not think of it as a future event at all isn't the same as to actively believe it won't happen; that would be a diagnosable psychosis, to which psychopathy is famously devoid of.

it is not a personality disorder. it is not a personality. it is characteristics and traits. if psychopaths have a personality disorder than they have similar personalities. If this is true. Normal people have similar personalities. If that is true then normal and psychopath people will be very noticeably different. people would be far to similar to be interesting. there would be no creativity because of very similar personalities.

Normal is not idea. psychopath is not a disorder.

You're response was neither correct nor did it follow any rational consistency within itself.

i said that your wrong then i supported it. do you expect any one to believe your lies when you don't even bother to support them? it's easy to lie and say some one is wrong. its hard to say it them support it with lies because lies aren't believed so easily.

prove your claims or shut up. your claims are meaningless with out truth being shown.

Read the DSM, or any psychology article. Make sure to have a dictionary near by, seeing as your intelligence level is clearly below average. A personality disorder does not map someones entire personality, nor does a disorder define that there is something negatively effecting someones adaptability or functioning. It means there is something abnormal (and in some cases maladaptive) about an aspect of ones personality. Psychopathy is a disorder, however it does not always hinder someones ability to act within social norms. In rare cases it does; those would be seen within headlines. (a further suggestion: read the news)

You support your statements with false assumptions, therefore it will be difficult to argue with you. That being said, you obviously see the flaw in your view or else you would not have responded as such. You gave room for doubt in your last message, therefore you are simply on this topic to goat others into confrontation. I fail to see why people of your inadequate nature focus on a group of individuals that possess such superiority. You will only fail.

You speak of facts and truths; show some of your own. (my last suggestion, totally off topic: Check your work, read through more than once, and correct your grammar and spelling errors. You sound like a child whining for an out of reach toy.)

most of your response involved misunderstands of what i said. The rest is just your disbelief in things. My grammar is correct. do you not know what grammar is?

the media and news lie. The government lies as well because the main bank makes them.

Psychopaths normal natural humans. The so called normal humans have a mental disorder and it's called "slave mentality". when the educational system, work place and careers are learnt and understood, it becomes obvious.

why does your reply consist of me? again you did not prove or support anything. Not from the first second and third entry. you say what is and what is not as though you are right. you aqueous me of being wrong and insult me. you judge me the way you wish. then say more things that sound like you have supported what you said but you never did. all of this just because there is nothing about the topic you can say that is true because all you have dun is lie and use words incorrectly.

Dont you understand that others will see this? why tell lies when others will believe them? It seems as though you rather be believed to be right than to provide true information so that others can learn and understand.

you just lie. are you stupid? you seem very stupid. i said shut up or provide proof or support what you say. you did not. Are people suppose to believe you just because you tell them to?

many people can say psychopath is a personality disorder. many people can say males are leaders and females are followers. Just because the majority agrees, doesn't mean it's true.

when you reply again, try questioning my sanity while not supporting anything. tell me i'm a freak that wants to be awesome but i can only do so by insulting people even though that is not logical. Maybe i wont say your wrong when you are if you say i'm a baby.

she did not support or prove anything. she just told me to check out something as though I had not before replying. insulating is meaningless when you prove nothing. Why are you insulating me? the subject is not " who can give the best insults". by your logic you sound like a child because you insult.

It is a fact that you can not tell if some one is a child because kids do not have the same few grammars. nor do they use the same words. you support nothing. you prove nothing. you lie. you insult to discredit others. You talk mainly about me and how you think of me. It's like you try to when by not taking about the subject and just talk badly about me. That has nothing to do with the subject.

When i read your reply . I just see you saying that im wrong. Then 97% of your reply consist of me and what you think about me and how you feel towards me.

You can lie about me tell you die. It will never change truth. there is no autobiography about me to disprove your lies of me. readers will just have to use common sense. Even if what you said is true about me. You have not said what matters. The subject is psychopaths being labeled as "personality disorder".

You talk about me because you have nothing dishonest about the subject to say that is believable. You bore me. If some one replies to this and do not dis prove anything. do not provide proof or support their clams and statements with fact. I will not reply because there is no point.

Notice how my reply is supported by yours witch was made before this one

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Yeah I am not sure your conclusion is true, and your premise is faulted, surely things with qualities less desirable can be immortal, if such a state exists. Look at the Universe which could be immortal, contains mostly death and decay.

Soul? I use the term in reference, but I myself do not believe it exists, there are chemicals in the brain, functions that produce emotion and delude people and generated this "soul"
but I see myself and all beings as flesh...walking lumps of dying flesh, we die and live everyday. immortality does not exist in this physical world or any so called spiritual is your name that people remember...and your actions. that is where you find immortality