Do I Fit This Category?

I think I'm a functioning psychopath. I'm certainly functioning, it's the 'psychopath' thing I'm not to sure about. I've been seeing shrinks for the last ten years - sometimes for substance abuse, sometimes for depression, sometimes for something no-one could put their finger on. Shrinks don't like diagnosing you as psychopathic - for obvious reasons - but on the back of reading 'Psychopath!' by Morton Bain that it first occured to me that maybe I was one. I put this to my shrink the next time I saw him... The impression I got was that he was dying to say 'yes', but that the fear of this label was holding him back. Labels, hey? What is the difference between a sociopath and a psychopath, for example?

Anyone else had a similar experience to mine?
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Psychopath and sociopath is not entirely the same. The orgin is slightly different. If you are a psychopath you are much more inborn with the phenomena. On the other hand, a sociopath is born with normal temperaments, and their condition is a consequence of the negative environmental experiences that influence them through their life.

You'll have to be more specific of how your personality and give us some examples is if you want an evaluation. What you have written may be true, or you are just confused of what it really means to be a psychopath or sociopath.

Yeah friend, I am certainly a psychopath. I have done good and I have done bad, havent we all? I believe psychopaths feel very lonely, because we feel like we can love people like any one else, but we cant. Normal people are disgusted for what we are and they will let us go or they will become insane. ( I am talking about romantic love and not friendship ) Thats the reality. Try to accept the reality and do not worry to much.

two pieces of tarmac walk into a bar, order beers and get chatting (as you do). a third piece of tarmac enters the bar. the first two stop talking and begin to look nervous. 'whats the matter lads?' asks the barman. 'see that piece of tarmac over there...' the first piece of tarmac whispers, 'he's a cyclepath!'.

and you are a numpty.

I am not a shrink, but I would like to know what makes you think you are a psychopath? As far as the difference between sociopaths and psychopaths. It is a matter of the philosophy held by the diagnostician. If he has a nature proponent, he calls you psychopath. If he is a proponent of the Nurture model, he will call you a sociopath. Originally that is how it came about, people were trying to decide whether psychopaths were born, or made. Those who thought they were made dubbed them sociopaths, while those that thought they were born, called them psychopaths. So they are the same thing.

It doesn't matter whether you agree or not, those are the facts, and that is how the terms came about. People have used their own semantics, and made the terms mean what they want. But that is the distinguishing factor, is if you are diagnosed by a person who favors the nurture model, you will be called a sociopath. I consider myself a psychopath, even though people would consider me a sociopath.

it really drives me crazy when people try to separate them, they are the same thing. It would be like saying this, people who think oranges evolved from a grape like fruit call oranges grapers, and those that think they evolved from melons call them mapers. Then everyone goes around saying, that's a maper, no it's a graper. The reality is, it's an orange! Psychopath, and sociopaths are the same thing, the semantics come about when people try to claim they know how they originitated.