Target Acquired!

Well for any that have read my previous "story" on here you will know just how tired I am of trying to fit in around the rest of society, when infact ti is society that should be adapting around us! (A lack or sentiment and the inability to share or feel emotions with others should be seen as an evolutionary step forward, and not a reason for us to be incapacitated so the cattle can sleep well at night).

Anyway I digress!

So I have decide to take the next step in my evolution and to see if I can actually hurt/harm others without any emotional responses occuring, it's easy to sit here and say I'm cold and different to the rest of you when all I've ever done is pick fights in bars and hurt people that were of no real htreat to me.

Therefore when I was out 'camoflaging' this past weekend, I came across that most insufferable of species that we all love to hate..yes the 'doorman', the self-proclaimed gate keeper of the pub who says who goes where and does what - yes you alreayd know I'm going to despise him.

Well anyway I watch this particular doorman, who was shorter and physcially less imposing than the other two stood by him, turn numerous women away that were in groups and thus upsetting the women and their evening (and no i didnt feel bad for the women, I just noticed his particular prey of choice) - and thus as my particularly favoured prey are those who like openly flaunt self-uimposed authority then this in short puts this arrogant little sheep as first up on my slab!!

Though impartially he job makes him the perfect choice, he works late hours, elicits agressive responses in 98% of people he meets and leaves for and too his place of work whilst it's still dark.

and so he gives me ample oppertunity to actually finally murder someone, where the exposure to witnesses would be minimal, the suspect pool would be vast and the enviroment would aid in act!

Not too mention that his strong physique would prove him to be superior prey to the run-of-the-mill pedestrian cattle.

My only question is.....any advice? tips? on how to execute my awakening?
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2 Responses Feb 4, 2013

I think that destroying someone from afar is always best. Regular people absolutely have to have their socializing. their friends, their places they like to go. all that crap their "reputation" .. but you can take all that away without ever even being noticed.

You can even find ways to get them into a hell of a lot of trouble if you wanted.

Come on. We all have superior manipulation skills here. and patience... when it comes to getting something we really want. You can destroy this person. and anyone else you want by manipulating their life. Be creative. I know you have it in you.

I would NEVER do anything to anyone that could be traced back to me. Absolutely not. The last thing I want is a run in with the law or a record. Its very very important to never have a record because that **** will make you look suspicious if you ever do become slightly involved in another incident. If you have a clean record, you can always play your innocent role and slip out of it.

ah well im not going to be some retard warning you of the danger... bla bla bla... all i can say is that by doing this you increase the stereotype of psychopaths being serial killer...
no matter, i will still help.
this prey, observe him a little more, find out who his friends are, what he does, get to know him from a distance.
find a place where you can actually kill this person without being seen.
how do you plan the murder?'
if you are good enough then just breaking into his house and putting a knife through his heart may do it.
keep in mind to cover your face, hands, hair, try to wear quite a bit of clothing. always keep a back up escape plan.
you can leave the body where it is or you can take some advice that i got when i used to watch dexter... wrap the whole room in plastic wrap. cover face and tie him down. knock him out with anesthetics if you wish. a knife through the heart is quick and silent. then cut the body in pieces and put it in trash bags. Put it in your car without being seen ( maybe use a fake lisence plate) then once the body is at home or wherever you want it to be, you can put rocks in the bags and throw them in the ocean or melt the body with some acid. I dont recommend burrying because somebody might see. if you do it then good luck, im hoping it goes well if you proceed with it, remember-caution is everything. Nothing is more important than not getting caught. I hope you dont do it but you deserve help.