Hello Again Everybody!

I wanted to check in and tell you all what's been going on. There's been a lot of IRL stuff keeping me off the internet lately.

This IRL stuff has made me more secure in myself as a person, and as a Furry. It wasn't some life changing series of events either. I just let myself slip back into the mundane routines that college life demands for the most part. I'm giving myself time, like many of you said. I thank you for that advice. Ralys wants to come out of that fur lined closet, but I can't let him just yet. I'll get there eventually. Still looking for Furries IRL! That would make my Year! I have found no way to go about this save for stumbling upon people who live near you... And I don't live in an area dense with Furries. There MUST be some somewhere! There is no way there is not! Being a closet Furry doesn't help anything either... It gets lonely in this closet... *Ears down*

Due to IRL stuff, my writing career on SoFurry was halted. I posted again a couple days ago, but no one has taken much notice of it yet. Of course, since I don't write adult stories anymore, my popularity is limited. It's a sad state of affairs, but that's humans for you. I went back to FurAffinity recently! I found the atmosphere there less friendly than SoFurry, but I decided to post my new story there as well. I want to start making friends there. I know more people have FA's than SF's. I would like to be friends with all of you on either of these sites. My username is the same. I know FA does not have a friend function per-se, but send me a message and maybe +watch me!
RalysEtnedra RalysEtnedra
18-21, M
Nov 29, 2012