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So there is a kid at my college that has a higher probability of being a Furry than most of my friends. After stalking his Facebook likes for twenty minutes, I found he liked a Furry page not too long ago... I really want to talk to him about it... But... I'm way too scared. I don't want to expose myself to anyone, but the prospect of talking with another Furry in real life is just so outlandishly crazy, I feel like I should take the chance.

The problem is... he's an oppressively happy person, and quite impulsive. I'm afraid he might tell someone if I tell him anything. I mean... He's an incredibly nice person, but hyper and free thinking, like any good Furry should be.

Does anyone have any advice? Sorry for the frequent posts. I will attempt to stop cluttering the page. My last one was unnecessary.
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We are producing a one-hour documentary as part of the ongoing TV documentary series True Life. We’re looking for young adults who participate in the furry lifestyle to be the focus of the episode.
Preferably we’re looking for people between the ages of 18 and 28, but we’re open to meeting any potential people who are interested.
The documentary will focus on two to three different furries. It’s follow-doc style, so it’s meant to basically see a real slice of the life of a furry. This is about life, and the exploration of a popular trend and lifestyle that’s emerging in today’s society.
If interested please send some photos of yourself and your ‘fursona’ to
Also, any more information about your story and who you are would be really helpful!

Contact information
How long you have been a furry
Why you became a furry
Do people in your life know you are a furry


Furry is just an interest in anthropomorphic animals. You don't have to hide the fact that you like certain music, or like to draw from others, do you? A good "tell" for a furry would be to ask him/her the question "Do you have an Uncle Kage?" I have never tried it but saw it somewhere on the Internet and thought it was neat.

Ooooo... that's actually not a bad idea... That should be a more widespread thing. It would make everything so much easier.

No one in my school is a furry, i would like to talk with 1 irl.
But i guess u would talk with him

"Which version of Robin Hood do you want to watch? Russle Crowe, Kevin Costner, Errol Flynn, or the Disney version where Robin Hood is a fox and Little John is a bear and they have to cross-dress as gypsy women to steal gold from King John?"

Not bad... But lot's of people prefer the later.

Just talk with him bud

We are already sort of friends... he's good with everyone he sees so... But I'm part of the group he hangs around mostly. I guess I need to just start talking to him more about anything. I wouldn't blurt anything out or take him aside and tell him straight up or anything... That would be a little "In your face".

I realize that I don't have to tell everyone but... Only three people in the world know and I have no Furry friends IRL...It makes me feel alone sometimes. That's why I'm so desperate to find out for sure.

Thank you both.

My advice would be u go friends with him and soon if u two became close then it will just be automatic that u can trust him about u being a furry and then he might do the same. But this takes time though