Are Most Of You "dirty Furries" ?

I too curious, but are most furries just in it for umm.. Sex? I have been reading on the Internet and there are lots of rumors of furries being gross. I'm not, but it kinda made me curious. *hugs blonde fluffy tail tightly*
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I'm not in it JUST for the sexual content. I genuinely do enjoy clean furry artwork, comics, well made fursuits, the whole 9 yards. But I do find furry erotica (pics, vids, and fiction) to be more appealing than human erotic works.

Most furries do like yiff, but it's not the same for everybody. Some like it a little, some like it a lot, some like really crazy stuff, some prefer something simpler, some have species preference, some don't like it at all.

As I started out, Seeing Yiffy Stuff used to repulse me... but now honestly I like it!:)

I may be attracted to that stuff (really who isn't) , but I'd rather look at artwork and write my books about furs. :)

Im not a dirty one

There are a few dirty Furs out there. but to each their own. I find it more of a lifestyle than anything. Sure I get easily turned on by a hot guy fox showing up on my computer. But I see it as several others have expressed here: A way to free ones self and live a fuller life.

lots of furs are, but few are only in it for that. Many have at least auxilliary reasons. I myself was sucked in for an enormous amount of reasons, admiration for the arts and love of animals for instance but also for the chance to make friends and even the yiffy stuff. Like the joys of life, its definitely a combined experience.

There is a lot of hate out there. People will demonize the Fandom for being perverse all the time. The truth is that the Furry Fandom, as Fandom's go, is a bit more sexualised than most. I agree with everything that summer and Raz said. A lot of Furrys are Furrys because they feel like they can't express themselves as a human, or they feel freer if they emulate the animal. Many Furrys have what is referred to as the Transformation Fetish. This is finding being in another body attractive. As far as Furrys being gross, we're no more gross than the next group.

When it comes down to it, do what you want. If you're into that stuff, go for it. If not, good for you.

Oh, and cute tail by the way. *Winks, and flicks own tail*

I think it's because it's much more free to discuss. It all starts with curiousity and then, for once, all those bottled up inhibitions are free and explored. People learn about what they like and try to share it with others hoping that they will share their interests. Sex has been around long before furries... it's just that there are people out there that enjoy it more while wearing a tail or imagining themselves as a werewolf or a dragon. Ones that are 'gross', I take it as the kind of people that lack the proper social skills to well... even function well in society.


Well I know some are in it just for the sexual aspect. But there are so many more that live the furry lifestyle or are fursuiters because they like it. My self embrace both parts. I enjoy just being with other furs then again if something were to happen in the bed room I'm game lol