Fairly recent furry here. Fursona is a rabbit, since I've always found myself identifying with them in some way (most of my ideas for books/anime/cartoons involved rabbits/rabbit anthros). I'm 14 years old (it says 18-21 but I had to change it due to the fact that it wouldn't let me in the transformation fetish group unless I did), straight, and still haven't told my parents.
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Welcome, my parents found out by themselves. But dont rush to tell them

Greetings! *Bows* You're a confident one aren't you? I hope to get better with that myself. Transformation eh? That's my primary one myself... Although I don't let it rule my Furry experience.

No rush on telling your parents. No rush on anything at your age. Remember, you're still young. You have a lot of time to learn and change.

Here's hoping your progress is positive! Good luck to you!

waves paw. Hi buddy.