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Im A Furry

ok sooo im 15. i know its a bit young but yes i am a furry. i was looking up wolves (love wolves) and anthropomorphics and i found a site on furry fandom then i noticed this was explaining my life. i always thought it was weird for me to have a connection with animals. i realised i wasnt alone. many thoers share the feeling of a connection with animals.

i want to know some things tho. any one know any good fursuiters. also i want to know how many of you furries are straight. from what ive heard a fair few furries are homo/bi. im not. and finally can i get your opinion on how i should tell my parents?

see im a bit shy. only a few friends know of my furryness. i need to know how to tell my parents so they can help with my fursuits and i wont need to hide my furry stuff. the thing is i feel guilty not telling them and hiding it but i get nevous thinking of how to tell them because i will need to explain what it is if they dont know and that will be very awkward.

so any other young furries ou there tell me your story of telling your parents and the out come. also give me some tips on fursuit making, hiding furry stuff and how to tell them or let them know without telling them. by that i mean like leaving things out on purpose for them to find

please give feedback


kingwolfyx kingwolfyx 18-21, M 40 Responses Dec 3, 2009

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My names Eric I'm 14 and I'm not gay or bi but my story isn't so much as telling my mom (my parents are divorced) as much as it is about me not telling her, you see my mom is really...well...not excepting other "type" of people. She doesn't like homosexuals and doesn't understand bisexuals (oh and my big secret is that I'm a furry) I guess what I'm trying to say is that if I did tell her she would insult me till I'm thirty shell use it agents me in any and all arguments my moms a good person she was just raised at a bad time ;(

I'm 12 and I'm a furrie; not gay; I was making furry art before I told them what a furry was than basically explained it as being a person who's interested in antromorphic art.

Hi kingwolffyx. I am an older furry and staight. My opinion is that furrys (however you wanna interpret that) are into a lot of art that is sexually ambigious so it makes the lines kinda blurred on gender and species. As for telling your parents, I think tell them. Do it in a way that you most feel comfortable with and I feel they will understand. DO NOT let them their own research online. Anyway hope that helps bro.

Thanks Nishi, I love your art. It was a while since I posted this, and in those 2 years I have discovered my sexuality as a homosexual. Also, thank you Pippy, I may consult with you soon about some help with making a fursuit, I would prefer foam anyway as my fursona is very toony. Thank you all for your comments, it has made my life much easier with acceptance.

hey im pippy aka pipsqueek! im a 14 year old fur and it has just been my first year into the fandom. my fursona is a fox/wolf hybrid. i can give you a few tips on fursuit construction. thats my main art! i love foam ba<x>sed heads because they are sooooo comfy!!!! but if you like the more realistic look i would check out monoyasha or quarezel (they are expensive but you can just take a look at their stuff and get a feel for it). enjoy all the time you spend in the fandom and don't forget to be yourself!!!<br />
<br />
p.s: i told my parents at a younger age, (around 12 or 13) about the furry fandom. be sure to back it up with research. they seemed more cool with the fact when i told them that a lot of girls like me are interested in furries. when i move to seattle i will problably join furlife or something. if you want to hide your furry stuff i would hide them in your dresser, closet, under bed. thats where i store some of my fursuit stuff. just be natural about it and know you aren't alone!!!

There are plenty of straight and gay and bi and other kinds of furries, it really doesn't matter.<br />
And there's really no reason to tell your parents. People who are punks or really religious or anything else don't have to come out to their parents about it. You should just be furry and do what you want and not worry about the title. It's most likely just going to cause a confusing mess.

Im a furry and im straight. My fursona is a fox and i must say i do love your avatar kingwolfyx. As for telling your parents. I only told my mom and to do that i just walked into the room with my ears and tail on and told her out right. Shes not to happy about it ( i think its because she watches CSI to much) so really i suppose its to what degree of a furry you wan to show your parents. I want to get a fursuit but i havent told my mom yet. Im still trying to find the best way to tell my dad though? Good luck

Err I had a longer thing but it messed up >.><br />
<br />
I'm 15 years old and a Furry I like to imagine myself as a fox, 2 friends in real life know that i'm a Furry (I live in Kentucky and this is a very hateful place) so I won't tell anyone else.<br />
<br />
I'm also a pet and I have a online Pet to Master relationship with a rich 14 year old in Texas.<br />
I wear a collar when I can and i'm planning on asking my parents if I can wear one (They don't know so i'm afraid to ask) <br />
I don't care much for suits but I need to wear my collar or I will lose my mind (Proven fact I tried going a night without it and seen things) I'm a bit crazy I think.<br />
If you would like friend me on here and i'll talk to you. I'm going through the same thing you are. No money or anything, Not to mention I live in a ba<x>sement in a small room.<br />
<br />
I think thats all. Please friend me if you want to talk.

I'm a 14 year old bi furry, but I never had difficulty telling anyone. I told me best friend, and once I explained it, he was OK with it. As for your parents, it's entirely YOUR CALL! I myself haven't told them as I don't deem it necessary. But if you want a fursuit, just tell them that animals are a hobby of yours. There's no need to explain that you're a furry. We always lay the wrong impression on people. They all think that we're wierdo perverts... So don't get your parents thinking that!<br />
<br />
Cheers mate!<br />

hi kingwolfyx i like your avi. i am a black and grey wolf glad to meet other furs.

Hai!<br />
<br />
My name's patrick. I am 16 now and i been a Furry for a long time. I started believeing myself as one when i was 11.<br />
<br />
For myself, being a Furry is just meaning of being yourself, being WHO you are and not making a big deal of WHAT you are. I always felt i was like that, i always felt its how i am, in my heart.<br />
<br />
I also read TwoKinds, how cute and sad story at the same time.<br />
<br />
Well i had some real weird experiances! Funny ones ^^' Like the day i left a Yiff site on my PC cause i was going somewhere for 2 DAMN minutes! And it was way enough for my dad to go PC at that time and telling me something like : '' Hey hum.. I have nothing againts the fact you watch ****.. But could you just tell me what tha hell is that..? ''...<br />
<br />
Well! I was glad he didnt got it bad. I love Yiff, i do. But i am not a freak! I mean, i am a Furry, not a Yiffing-machine. ( Lol =p) And i was glad i could explain him in a right way; I been lucky, it wasn't too hard for me.

theres never an age limit for a fandom just cuz anime is on adult swim dosent mean you have to be 18 to watch it you can like or be whatever you want at what ever age

I'm straight and I'm a furry, I just told my mom that I am a Furry, and she now says that I can't be one :( She can't really keep me from it though, if you are a Furry it is something youy are born with, not something that can be changed. I am 17 and I am moving out for college soon, so I can take all of my furry related stuff with me. But i definately WOULD NOT tell them until you are ready to accept no for an answer. I explained it and sent her websites and tried really hard for her to see the true side of Furries, but all she saw was the yiff yiff, so now all I have to do is wait till I move out.

hey kingwolfyx i am straight. i think that that most furries become that and have a really open mind. my fursona is a little wolf that is 2 yrs old

I am 13 and I'm kinda a furry I read twokinds I draw (but am terrible at is) and I have an intrest in anthropomorphic animals and I have 3people I know that are furries...

well i havnt so much as told them yet hachi, but i slowly bring up the subject everynow and then, and i dont hide when im on a furry site. im not going to tell them, im going to let them work it out, if they ask ill tell them. just dont make a big deal. DO NOT sit them down and go 'we need to talk' that makes it seem like its a bad thing like being gay. just casually bring it up, if they say bad things about furries then you have 2 options. you can either leave it there till you move out then tell them when they have no authority over you, or you can dispell their issues with furries then tell them. just make sure that you tell them what they seen in the CSI and tyra banks episodes it not true!

ok i have the same problem as fingwolfx im 13 and i nead to tell my parents im a furry so i dont have to were me tall wen my parents arnt home. can u help?

I'm 13 and a furry. Really young. I know. I'm just obsessed with the idea of anthropomorphic animals, especially coyotes and wolves. And fursuits. I asked for a partial, without directly saying it was a fursuit, but my mum looked at me like I was a freak and said it was hideous. It was only a white wolf, not anything unusual like a snake or an owl. I love owls, though. ^ ^<br />
Yiff is an awkward subject for me. I won't say anything about it.<br />
Telling parents... I don't think I'd do that. It was hard enough telling my mum that I was a therian (therian and furry, yes), and even worse saying I was bi... had to do it over email, I was so scared of her reaction. No. I don't think I'd ever tell my parents, at least not until I was a legal adult and lived away from home.<br />
Anyway. Um. That's my viewpoint. Uh... bye!<br />
*runs off to roleplay as a werecoyote*

Im straight and im a furry.

I'm actually pretty interested in the furry fandom. I love the idea of anthro animals, might have something to do with all the Pokemon I watched :D

miles thanks for the advice. i love tails too. hes awesome. i also play borderlands. lvl 50 soldier, lvl 20 siren and lvl 30 hunter. i became a furry about a year ago. i got a tail and paws now. should i wear them wen i tell them? also i am gonna wait about a month or more to tell coz my dog and nan died this week :'(. also i have left mu pc on a yiff site by accident and im not sure if my parents saw it :P

my people found out by my purpose leaving a site up on the screen so they would see it ( furry **** :[ )

well... if your gonna tell them... please please PLEASE time it right.... dont do it when they are stressing out about bills or fighting about something.... a nice down time like when they get out of a shower or when they are gonna get a DVD to watch at home..... make the room as dark as possible so they dont see your eyes because they are gonna be darting around... but look them in the eyes... beat around the bush a bit and then tell them.... straight up..... theres also a good video on youtube to show them.... its.... "anna meets the furrys" them that(all parts)... and tell them... its nothing bad and you wont be a yiffing dumbfuck (kinda like me =3) and just give them time to take it all in...but... i've been a furry ever since i remember... not KNOWINGLY.... i've always been 100% attracted to Miles Prower (aka Tails. yea the one offa sonic) but its up untill a year ago that a couple of my friends on steam just told me a few things about "furrys" so i just chose to be a furry... hehe! [ADD ME ON XBOX LIVE : MR SGT BEEFNUTS LVL 50 LEADER(SOLDER)(BORDERLANDS)]

I’m sort of in the same position as you I’m 17 straight I’m into anthropomorphics and foxes and would like to get a fur suit I don’t have eney tailes but would like to make some but I’m to shy. As for telling my parents I sort of give them hints thru my art and drawings so far they know I like anthropomorphics but I think I’m going to wait a while till I tell them any more.

thanks for the advice Phlarekat. im not goin to tell them tilll im ready

I'm with Capt. KJ here; what your parents don't know won't hurt them. I live in the american southeast. And my mom is asian. It's silly at how closedminded people are about things. I don't mind though, if I hafta keep it my 'dirty little secret', offline, then so be it. I have a lot of fun with it, and no one can prevent me from enjoing myself. ^.~ While I don't keep any physical props, I get my furry fix through online RP.<br />
<br />
Also love your avatar as well, kingwolf. ^.~

my bro knos im furry. buts a real **** about it. hes always sayin im messed up in the head:( (he thinks its all about yiff, im not into that) but i will keep all my stuff in a locked cupboard i have. thanks again

Wherever it is make sure it's good...<br />
<br />
I had some stuff hidden in a big plastic trunk, underneath all my camping equipment, in the back corner of my closet with stuff piled on top of it and clothes hanging in front of it and my mother still managed to find it while I was out of town for basketball.<br />
<br />
I don't know what all you have or anything but you might try behind or under drawers, buried deep in the closet, in your brother's room so if it gets found he gets yelled at instead (just joking about that one by the way :p).

thanks captkj24 i will not tell them for a while. now i need help on how to hide my stuff. or shouldnt i? maybe leave my tail out so they get hinted to my furryness before i tell them<br />
And thx kitty

Absolutely... Don't. :-p<br />
<br />
I personally wouldn't tell them. I just think sharing something like this with them would be a bit awkward. If you do though, make sure you are prepared for questions, do your research, have information or informative websites to show them and be prepared for a less than enthusiastic reaction. They may take it just fine, they may not. I don't know how your parents cope with new and different concepts. <br />
<br />
Good luck to you