I'm a Furry

'What is a furry?' you ask. Simple: http://furry.wikia.com/wiki/Furry <---- Read this, then search the site. Now, I think that before you read on you should know that this will seem disjointed. Well that's because that's the way I think. Sorry If it's hard to follow. Who/What am I? I am an anthropomorphic red fox. I usually wear a pair of black boots, black camo pants, a black longsleeved collared shirt, a black cloak (yes cloak), sunglasses and a black army-style hat. I'm not goth, just obsessed with the "mysterious" look. This is my online description. If you happened to have caught that episode of CSI or Sex2k or you've seen the article in Vanity Fair, no we're not all like that.
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I think I would be a bull

Nice comment and hi my name is rex i'm a blue and black fox i have a plantive stance i wear a black t shert and some black jean's my tail is 6'ft and my are 4.9cm the tip of my ears are black from the elbow down on bouth arms are black and from the nee down on bouth leg's are black and the tip of my tail is balck i stand 5.9ft tall i waight 122 i'm a vary out going fox and would like to meet outher fur's so i don't have to fill like i'm the only one any more so if youed like IM me on EP

Me too i'm a blue and black fox looking for some fur firend's hope to hear from you and outher's

I'm a blue and black and carved tail fox who is also looking for alittle compuny hopefuly a vixen

im a wolf ^___^

I haven't dressed up as a furry. yet. but I want to see what being a furry is all about and this lifestyle I choose (better than drugs)

Dark grey lion (Yes a dark grey lion!!!) over here :)


I think I'm a furry, and I don't know what to do, I'm not into fetish NOOooooOoO... But I think my ONLY true best friend might not accept me because of the 3% of flurries tht like fetish. HELP!!! I'm a anthropomorphic grey wolf with green eyes, and red and purple hair, with blue t shirt and purple hoodie tied round waist.

would love to talk with you about being a furry......edobrin@asylument.com

cloak and sunglasses - now that's SWAG. :D

The furry I most identify with has sleek black fur with a crown of white tapering into white stripes down the back and rising in a BIG brushy tail with a white tip. And I'd like company finding one, chasing it and taking the overwhelming CONSEQUENCES!

Same here :-) <br />
<br />
By the way i am guessing that you are already aware of furafinnity ?

I'm a furry! <3 If anyone would like to know, I'm an Maltese saber tooth tiger :D

oh god

how much does a cool looking costume cost?

about $1000 for a partial fursuit and about $2000 for a well-made full fursuit.

I love fur, like a bearskin rug or a man's hairy chest, does this maker me a furry? I do get all crazy, sexy feeling when I roll in it...just wondering?

Mmm happy I found this page.

im 15 been a furry for a year and all i have to say is FUR PRIDE man

im making a fursuit :D

Make me one! tho if my dad found out am a furry, ill be a
little pool of blood...

tho am straight am trying to find girls that are in the same thing that i am in...i want to do it doggy style with a wolf suit gray texture XD

I am a straight tailed snow fox (white)

I am a straight tailed snow fox (white)

i like all furs..... + my very little amount of friens that i actually know... if any one cares im a huskiewolf! (a straite-tailed huskie)XP

Long live the furs! XD

Rock on, furrydom! Furries rule!

wow, I had never heard of such a thing. I was actually searching for a group that might have already existed for people that love the movie, Fur. But I stumbled upon your story instead. I am completely fascinated. Kudos to you for finding something that makes your heart sing.

This is a great read for people wanting to know what the furry fandom is about. :)<br />