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I couldn't tell ya when it first began, 'cause I've had an affinity for anthropomorphic animals and animals in general for as long as I can remember.  Even when I was a child and interested in sports, it's funny how the mascots stood out to me more than anything else.  The Detroit Tigers may have sucked in baseball, but eh, at least they were tigers!  Also, thinking back to one of my earliest notable friendships, I realize that all we had in common is the fact that we both liked to pretend that we were animals (talking animals, anyways).  I can recall doing this with him even on the telephone.. I'd find a nice quiet place behind one of the trees outside, away from the family, and just let the imagination run wild (pun unintended).

But as most good things, the friendship came to an end when he eventually moved away and I felt alone in this way until I discovered the furry fandom.  It occurred about five or six years ago when I was in seventh grade.. I happened to accidentally come across some great furry images and felt compelled to look into it further.  From there, I remember drawing my own anthropomorphic characters and proudly showing them to not only friends at school, but family as well!  It's nuts, 'cause I've been such a closet case since then, but I was really just naive to how furries were viewed by a lot of people at the time.  

So yeah, when I finally noted the hatred out there brought on by certain aspects of the fandom, I went into hiding and still haven't quite come out.  It's a shame I care so much about what people think.. I've battled with this aspect of me since it's discovery, on and off with the denial, but eh, EP has helped a lot.  I've met some great furries through here and have also met a lot of excellent, tolerant folks in addition to that.  I've even started drawing again, and this time have some painting ability as well!

It's too bad that people like to hate on these fairly innocent interests, but aye, I'm proud to be a furry myself and I'm not going to hide it here in particular.  I look forward to meeting similar peeps and drawing lots more in the future!  And maybe one of these days I'll even attend some conventions.. or buy myself a tail or collar.  But one step at a time, ya know.  For sure though, I'm trying not to suppress the furriness these days.

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Haha, well awesome.. glad you can relate regarding the mascots thing. :D Also, that's awesome - Khajiits are always my choice in the Elder Scrolls games too! Not only are they anthropomorphic, and therefore just too cool, but the stealthy way about things is always such a fun approach. But aye, thanks a bunch for the kind comments.. and same to you too, Canis. :) <br />
Great folks, ye both are!

Glad to hear that you're coming out of the closet. Unfortunately, while in my own city, I'm still largely in hiding, but out of town, I sport my collar proudly :)

Well hey, thanks so much jp! 'Tis what I love about this place.. one can be who they truly are and receive support from those who differ regardless. :) As for the art, I've got some in one of my albums and more on the way as soon as I can upload later tonight!