Abit Furry On The Inside

So as you guys probably guessed by the name of the post I'm a furry. have been for awhile now, i love watchin animals  and sometimes i space out when i imagine what it would be like if i was one. as for the fur suits and tails i dont have any of those unfourtunatly(not like i could hide em anyway, the closest thing i have to those is my drawings of anthromorphs) no one knows that im a fur (except maybe a freind of mine im not sure but since she saw my scetchpad she hasnt tlked to me as often :'( ) and im constantly hearing pple talking bad about them and it makes me nervous about telling anyone and untill today i didnt know if anyone else felt nothing was wrong with being a furry untill i found this site and it blew my mind :D

does anyone know of a good way to find another furry in my area?

Ziox Ziox
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4 Responses Feb 28, 2010

If you decide to make an account, mine is BigBadWolfThe. Look me up!

I have made many furry friends on those websites, but others are out there. I live in Ontario, so my site is www.ontariofurries.ca but I also use www.michiganfurs.com because it's nearby. I wish you luck in your quest. I found a local furry through the ON site and it's great :D

Thank you roggirick, your comment definatly had a good suggestion that ill try. ill definatly be making a visit to deviant art pretty soon. :)<br />
at least i know im not totaly alone.

I have found that slowly easing into it is the best way. Like tell your closest friends about it and if they're interested and don't seem all grr, than start to hint that you are a fur. I agree that it is very scary when people hate on us. I heard about a story were someone walked on stage in a fursuit and another man jumped up and attacked him with a cattle-prod yelling "We don't want fur-**** at our con." It angers me to see a fellow fur afraid to be themselves. Welcome to the fandom meh friend and you'll find many many friends on Furaffinity.net and DeviantART.com's chats.