I Love Wearing Thongs And G Strings

From the very first day I tried them on I have been in love with the sensual feeling they give me and I wear them almost everyday. Im glad I never again have to deal with conventional underwear bunching up when I try to put on some tight jeans. With these small thongs and g strings my jeans just slip right on with no hassle and I get the wonderful feeling of my bare but cheeks rubbing up against the lovely denim fabric. The thin strips of fabric inbetween my butt did feel a bit weird and invasive at first but eventually I got used to it until I felt like I was wearing nothing at all. Now the only time I ever feel these things is just whenever I think about sex. These tiny panties are so loving towards my body as they gently and snugly cover my most intimate and private areas. The thin straps that hug my hips also make my legs feel longer and sexier. Wearing these skimpy little things under my jeans when I go out in public makes me feel so secretly naughty and kinky. G Strings are so thin that they tend to tickle my ******* whenever I move and especially when I walk. It feels so good to walk through a highly public place knowing that I am secretly enjoying a form of hands free sensual pleasure. Thongs are different because the ***** of fabric is a little wider so it tends to tickle me less but also makes me feel warmer and fuzzier inbetween my but. Whenever im horny I always love to feel my ******* squeeze and contract around that thin ***** of soft fabric. The triangular shape of thongs and g strings make me feel like such a sex godess. I get very horny when ive been wearing one all day at work underneath my neat and tidy office clothes or when im out dressed more casually wearing tight jeans or a short skirt or dress. Whenever I get home my thongs and g strings are always so stained around the cunny area from being so horny and leaking wet all day. I especially love wearing black panties the most as I can see my girl *** stains a lot clearer which turns me on so much. For being out I prefer the Soft Cotton thongs as they absorb sweat and *** much better and keep me cooler but when I go to sleep at night I love the slippery smooth feeling of silk and satin thongs or g strings. They make me feel so pampered and comfy. Thongs and g strings are a great invention!
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I would lo e to read another one of your extremely sucking sexy posts.

That is so wonderful - to read how a woman enjoys wearing thongs etc..
The latest here in Aust., is to wear them under simple almost sheer yoga pants!! Perhaps the most wonderful display of girls showing their undies!!

I feel very similarly, and even though they do make thongs for men I like to wear women's. Feeling my **** and balls spilling out from the tiny bit of fabric is great, it gets me so horny. If I'm relaxing at home wearing only a thong it's hard to do anything besides **********, I love looking down and seeing my ***** grow out of the thong.

I do agree with you since I also love to wear thongs and g-strings instead of any men's type of underwear.

What a wonderful way to express and celebrate thongs. Xx

Wow that is sooo sexy. I love seeing tasting and smelling fresh *** stained panties. You are very exciting and sexy.

Omfg, yes. I love when they peek out over my jeans ad my boyfriend grabs on them. I love feeling my little v-string soak with my wetness, they're hella sexy.

You of all women have certainly written the best description of why women like them so much and why they're so popular. The imagery you used in your story is masterful; I could practically enjoy them vicariously through you. :)

Thanks for sharing this great little piece!

just fyi i'm currently wearing a black warners without a stitch thong

I agree

SEXY !!! id love tooo see that asss in a thong of g string ;- )

Wow love ur story

today wearing black g string panties to work

I am 13 and I love g strings just the way they have my sexiness and they drive the boys nuts when they see it they also make my ***** feel all nice and wet I love them because they get me horny which makes me want to get a boy to lick my lady parts or I play with my lady parts with a ***** or a vibrator or I really want to have sex so I will have my bf over to have sex and if you can't tell I'm a Naughty little girl just wanting for some sex and attention I just absolutely love thongs and g strings

i am jealous of your g string

Aren't you the sensualist in your thongs and the descriptions

that is so hot

A very nice description of the sensations of wearing a g-string! Thank you!

They are great inventions. I, for one, am so happy there are so many g-string girls. Thanks for sharing and painting that image in my mind.

damn that was hot

I love wearing thongs and g to show off my booty!

Best of all, they show off your assets!

"With these small thongs and g strings my jeans just slip right on with no hassle and I get the wonderful feeling of my bare but cheeks rubbing up against the lovely denim fabric." Those are two of the best things about thongs! You can buy a tight jeans and actually win the daily struggle in the morning to put it on and once you're wearing it, it doesn't feel like there's something missing, it actually feels better to wear a jeans with 'less' underwear :)

love it when people can see my thong sticking out (not when at work), it shows that i'm a real girl under my pants!

And I must say after seeing your very hot n sexy pics that I too love it when you wear a thong, it shows off the true beauty of your very shapely *** and those very beautiful *** cheeks. So please keep wearing them and showing off your beautiful *** in your pics. Thank you for sharing that perfectly shaped *** of your's with me and I can't wait to see more of it.

cool vry interesting 2 read

first of all i want to say that was writen perfectly i dont think the feelings pleasures u get from wearing thongs/gstrings could have been worded any better right down to the slight diffrences between them i must admit i do preffer g-strings there so comfy as u already mentioned it almost feels like u are wearing nothing at all appart from when u move a certain way and enjoy the tingly sensation of that tiny ***** tingling from the bottom of my little balls right up to the very crack of my *** it makes me feel so sexy at work or with friends knowing that im probably wearing skimpyr underwear than most of the girls especialy my see through 1ns that u can actualy see my little **** through realy enjoyed your story! perfect

wow would love to see some of those! x

sure they look amazing on u

I feel like I have just been let into some well-kept dirty secret - the kind young adolescents want to know about but are too shy to ask... Very hot the way you tell it - especially liked the part about the girl-*** stains on black cotton... Mmmm. Where is your linen basket? :P

I know exactly how you feel, especially about thongs and jeans.<br />
<br />
I find I actually prefer to sleep bare, though. Or with normal panties. I don't know, I'm weird that way, haha. :)

i agree with u too.. thongs are so hot, and i love to sleep bare as well, love the comfortness