The Sensuality of Strings

My first foray with backless underwear was when I was in my early teens. I was shopping for an outfit to wear to a friend’s party when I got chatting to this feisty, blonde sales assistant. She was a college girl of probably about nineteen or twenty and I remember we hit it off instantly because we both shared a provocative yet chic sense of style. We had been chatting for ages as I tried out various outfits when eventually she helped me pick out this slinky, little, black party dress that looked absolutely fantastic. However, it was sheer and very figure hugging and showed off not just every curve of my body but also everything I was wearing underneath. Being an older college girl, who was obviously quite used to wearing thongs, she casually told me I’d have to wear g-string to eliminate the obvious VPL. Clearly she assumed every girl wore them and her college girlfriends probably did, but I was a first year at high school and as far as I knew none of my girlfriends had starting wearing thongs. When I explained this to the girl she immediately set about telling why every self respecting girl needed to wear thongs and informed me she wore virtually nothing else. She had an older sisterly wisdom about her and it didn’t take much persuading to make me realize that it would be a crime to wear the hot, black dress and not wear a thong. In addition I liked the idea being like this gorgeous, feminine college girl and as we spoke and examined a variety of strings, the notion of wearing this more revealing and sexual form of underwear started to excite me.  However, I was still a bit apprehensive about buying one, not least because I didn’t know what my mum would say, but in the end I let her pick me out a fairly conservative, black thong.

With hindsight it’s quite amusing how innocent I was, but back then I thought buying a thong was seriously risqué and it thrilled me to have purchased something so audacious. I remember as soon as I got home hurrying up to my room, giddy with anticipation at the prospect of wearing this new and daring style of panty. Compared to my other knickers the thong was scandalously skimpy and I vividly recall gasping with disbelief when I first admired by bare derriere in the mirror. The sensation of the thong running up my bum and the initial awkwardness of having my buttocks on show made me feel really naughty and I couldn’t stop checking out my butt in the mirror. Back then I was only just discovering my sexuality and femininity and this thong made me feel both physically and emotional aroused in a way I’d never experienced.     When it actually came to going to the party, wearing a thong made me feel a little self conscious because I wasn’t sure what other people would think and I didn’t want it to go round school that I was a thong girl. Looking back now it was ridiculous but I was young and naïve at the time. But as much as I felt self conscious I also felt such a thrill wearing something I considered so naughty and sexy and I must have been giving off pheromones or some thing because all the cute guys wanted to talk to me that night. In all honesty it was probably because my dress made me look so glamorous but as much as the boys were admiring my dress I couldn’t help but grin at the thought of what they’d do if they discovered what I had on underneath.       By the end of the evening my whole body was tingling with excitement and I had butterflies in my stomach. When I got home I pretended to go straight to bed but I knew I was way to excited to do that. I remember I was feeling emotions I’d never felt before, my heart was fluttering and I couldn’t wait to get out of my dress and start admiring my bare bum again. Back then these were new and exhilarating sensations and I couldn’t stop checking myself out and play with the thong. As I did so I remember getting hotter and hotter until suddenly I found my body reacting in a way I’d never experienced. That night I had my first ****** all because of this sexy new thong and I knew then that it had awoken a whole new feminine, sexy side of me I couldn’t wait to explore.   Of course from then on I knew it was goodbye panties, hello thongs and a mere few days later I went shopping with my best friend and bought another couple of thongs. Naturally I persuaded her to try them as well and soon a number of my girlfriends had become thong girls. For the next year or so I was still a bit shy about wearing thongs and I semi hid the fact I wore them from my mum. Not because she’d disapprove as I knew she wore them, but because I still hadn’t quite adjusted to being a sexy female.   Since that memorable afternoon, I have effectively phased non backless underwear out of my knicker draw and nowadays I only really wear thongs and g-strings, in fact more so g-strings than thongs. Over the past few years I have experimented with every different style and fabric of backless knicker and own a vast array, ranging from basic everyday thongs, g-strings, v-strings to more exotic pearl strings, tear drop thongs and even one of my favorites the seriously saucy c-string.   In fact I’m a bit of a string connoisseur and I would say that my favorite style is a g-string (or v-string which are pretty much identical although they’re made by Victoria’s Secret). I like it when there is just a patch of material at the front, with strings at the sides and just a string up the bum, I think those are the sexiest and most comfortable and often feel like you’re wearing nothing at all. I recommend Victoria’s Secret v-strings or Magic Silk g-strings both of which are really great strings.    

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Great and sexy story well told !!

I'm 62 and was shocked at how many young women ahve never heard of a c-string. At a topless beach no better prayer than "Lord could we have a mechanical failure right now?" but still very rare.

Great story I too love wearing nothing but thongs and gstrings. I like how you describe that you are a connoisseur I thought what I had was a fetish but connoisseur sounds much more what I am. Thanks for the story!

Great story it was very sensual yet very classy . You are great writer thanks for sharing.

You're a good writer and a sensual woman. What more could a guy want?

Wow! A great story, I loved reading it. Nothing like the look and feel of G-string panties. Almost like there is nothing there.

great story girly flirt. as a guy i always find it interesting on when that transition happens in young women. going from girl to girl on the market.

Wow! First thong and first ******! Damn! What an uplifting story! It's amazing how a small cloth can bring forth such strong emotion. That was a great story, thanks for sharing.

Wow, what a sexy story! All my early years g-string experiences is just like you. I also had my first ************ because of the sexy g-strings and thongs i wore. Please e-mail me. We can talk more about g-strings.

I haven't thought about this for years, but I remember when I (my mom) bought my first sports jock strap. Like you, I hurried home to try it on. The sight of my bare *** was titillating even as a 14 year old kid. Thanks for this reminder from childhood.

Thongs are a great piece of underwear, not just for admiring the female form, but as you said, it is a must under a tight dress, nothing worse than seeing VPL.<br />
<br />
Great story.

An icon showing a naked behind is not what a child needs to see when they visit this site and there are children who come here as they have issues they wish to discuss and share. It's one thing to discuss your topic but another to have an inappropriate picture as you have.

I too love g-strings and thongs and can remember thinking I was being "naughty" when I bought my first thong. It is funny how things change. <br />
<br />
This was a very well written account and I enjoyed reading every word of it. Thanks for sharing.