It's G-strings Or Commando.

I won't lie, I'm not someone who commonly wears underwear, or any clothes at all for that matter. I prefer to be naked. However, when a situation arises where I need to wear underclothes, I wear G-strings. Why? Well:

1: They are sexy as hell.

2: They're very close to being naked

3: My butt looks great in one

4: I love butt cleavage and g-strings will almost always show some

 5: I can moon someone almost as easily as if was going commando

5: Stripping them off is very quick ;)

nothingbuttasmile nothingbuttasmile
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9 Responses Feb 12, 2010

Very good reasons

Do you wear g-strings on the beach where everybody can see? If you haven't done that yet, I urge you to try it. (You may take this as a dare!)

I wear g-string under clothes but I am naked most of the time

All great reasons, but I am a bit surprissed you own underwear, although that doesn't do much so nice choice.

Very sexy reasons, like them alot

when you moon someone dont you just have to turn around and bend over some? all the rest you say i would agree with for sure! and if they are a real g string suit i know the front of you is definatly defined and is fine...... tp

my compliments and i admire your thinking.... i agree with them all who wouldnt? tp

Great set of reasons to wear G-strings, I agree to all.

All great reasons smiley :) Thanks for sharing.