So , U Wanna Be A Gambler...

Think again , if u wanna loose more that ur money ...

Here i am , at the table ,winning , all is good , my life is perfect , money and all , i won an impressive amount of cash , hmmm... i need more for that car i want ... and there we go ...I started losing like crazy  , my work place provides good amount of cash , i depleted all i had , went to "borrow" from work till i win , and then i ll putted back , and on and on , day after day till i realised i spent more than i can cover in 1 month , yea.. probably i will win with this , lets feed the dealer , and when ur bored try some slots.... when i finaly realised , was a little bit too late , my wife found all about it , THE SECOND TIME , my boss realised the huge amount of money gone , i've disapointed all my relatives  , and i was supposed to pay for all the bills ... .Now my wife moved at her mother , and im alone , i know that she loves me , and she tryed to make me understand that inm doing wrong , and i dont blame her.. i just hope ,for the last time, she will come back cause is not the 1st time, don't comfuse i screw'd my life at 25 years , and if u want to save ur marriage and ur life , quit in time , i have won a lot of times but all the money in the world wont make my wife happy , and now not even me .All i want is to have my old life back , all this things happened in 3 months , almost lost every thing , u wont hear that  i broked up with my wife , but things arent working that well since i lied like an animal , u wont hear that i was fired , because i have 1 hell of a boss , that didnt scream for his money and helped me solve the problems... now im sitting in front of a PC typing this , and thinking what can i do to be what i was , to gain back the trust of the loved 1's i was near the braking point if u know what i mean , bills are stacking on the table , everybody helps me how they can .... but in the end , and what realy matters , i don't know what im gonna do with my wife ... so think 2ice before u start.Many may laugh , others not , but the future is the same, either is 3 months or 3 years , u ll end up the same before those 3 months all was perfect , i was winning , 5 pay checks a week... most of them ended back there .BTW im not feeling good if i write this and im not telling others what to do , cause i dont like it , i just tell the facts in my life .

Think again

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Gambling is a horrible disease. Check out my story

Its been 3 yrs since i have been drunk and high on the craps tables,i pretty much lost everything and am still paying it back.I stole from my family,lied to everyone,i thought it was my little secret but little did i know my whole town new.One night at the craps table i look over at my wife and 3 year old daughter waiting for me as i blow our future,I still see them standing there with look of complete disgust.I still have the desire ,but i fight it sometimes its really hard.I know if i pick up a drink i will be back at those tables again,we need to start betting on ourselves,good luck

Gambling is a silent - destructive addiction that usually doesn't surface until too much damage is done..... I have learned to lie about money, find ways to compensate, I've learned to make food shopping a game (how much can we buy for how little - clearance, markdowns, dented items, cheap brands) clothes (hammydowns, second hand stores, and a lot of maybe next week) bills get paid only when i am threatened with a shut off notice - nothing unnecessary, no expensive, no eating out at all, nothing to take away from gambling - my kids and I have learned to play this game very well - and my kids don't even know that it's my fault. I have to stop.........