Not A Good A Gamer, Jsut A Lame One

But I really enjoy videogames, they are relaxing and great when you have nothing else to do, sad I couldn't play enough when I was a kid, so, I'm really bad at videogames, but enjoy them anyway, ^^
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22-25, M
11 Responses Aug 2, 2010

Farmville .. make it stop!! Anyone a "hardcore" FPS pla<x>yer?

dude, if you play REAL games, stay away from facebook, they are flash based videogames, that's all

i see..well that's true . but i don't care about them either

nah, that was the problem, I had MANY "friends", but it was really sad to see all of them, and don't talk with any of them, to see that no one cares about anything or anyone, it was too sad and depresssive, because of that I erased my facebook =P

i have two real 'friends' but we never talk anyway. they're not really my friends..<br />
i have friends there only for playing. cause you need to have them in games..<br />
so what if you have no real friends there? just add people from games xp<br />
you won't talk to them anyway..

hahahaha, that's cool then XD<br />
I erased it because I had no real friends over there XD

lol xd but you know facebook games are lagging so much it agitates me..<br />
i too refused previously but i am there only to play so whatever..

everyone is addicted to facebook now, I REFUSE TO JOIN THEM!!!<br />

yeah..i always play some mmorpgs..i don't even remember all names of those games. lol <br />
i don't play wow though. now i'm addicted to facebook the moment

AWESOME!, I can only play videogames in my computer, but have playes many games of consoles in it. now was playing WOW and got bored, and yeah, also ahve your problem, I get bored eassily XD

only video games or computer ones too?<br />
i play a lot of games on my comp but i get bored of them quickly<br />
i played video games when i was a kid xp