Mostly Pc Gamer. Though I Play Ps3 Once-a-while.

I play Payday and some steam games. BlackOps2 on my brother's Ps3 though I hate their controller and that the game has freaking autoaim or (aimassist) as they call it... Mouse + keyboard is way more comfortable for fps games imo and you don't need no lame autoassist that consoles sadly use and take the fun and skill out of shooter fps games. I have the new Counter-Strike on steam as well which isn't half bad. I like rts-like games as well as indie. I use to love Madden as well cuz I'm a huge football fan but didn't buy the last game that they just remake every year...

The game I enjoy most atm though is League of Legends. I use to enjoy WoW but LoL saved me from that mess of a game that you had to pay monthly for! Pay to play mmos are total bs imo, WoW use to be amazing though but it became extremely redundant and just a money making scheme of daily quests/rep grinding/and same old crappy raid content that was rinse and repeat. Trust me I played the game over 5 years...

League of Legends on the other hand is free if you choose to play that way. It's an okay game and has the most balanced player versus player gameplay ever. What I like it for is it feels like the champion you choose is like one of those rts hero-type units except there's a wide variety of different choices and you control your own fate even against other players though it is a team game. Anyways I'll stop rambling now. :)
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1 Response Jan 9, 2013

yeah your right mouse improves the skill of the person and I also don't like the auto aim , I think someday someone should make mouse+keyboard for gaming and comes with vibration effect , I think it will be awesome and I also rarely played on PS3 but I liked the game God Of War 3 on that I've played its 1st and 2nd and ended the game easily in hardest mode , well now I m thinking I should take part in competition