Being A Girl Gamer

Okay, so, as a girl gamer, I seem to get a lot of heat from the gaming community. Why is it that I can't be a female and a gamer at the same time? Why to people feel the need to think I'm fake just because I play Halo? I play games more for the gameplay than the graphics just like any other "traditional" gamer and I appreciate a beautiful game for what it is like a "new age" gamer. Does anyone else have this issue? Edit: I'm not saying I'm bloody special, I'm using this as a general statement that I happen to be included in. Girls should not be discriminated against in the gaming community. Stop assuming stuff and just take it how it's delivered. Okay? Good. Edit 2: Halo is not even on my top 10 games. It's simply a game I enjoy and one that everyone can relate to, along with being one of the biggest hubs of discrimination. For instance, does anyone know what ZP2KX is? Probably not many ;P
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It's because of the fake female gamers who suck on controllersn

Maybe your fake too

Go girl go..ignore those idiots

The gaming community is jam-packed with monobrow males. Given time, those will be weeded out and more evolved pla<x>yers may take their place. We can hope :-)

ZP2KX was my cup of tea. Lol

well not being an online gamer myself I don't understand the conflict either.

in your opinion why do you feel that it is you are look down upon?

I definitely agree. I think it is a sad reflection on the maturity of the gaming community as a whole that *gasp* GURLZ WITH COOTIES always inspire such a huge reaction.

There were jokes going around awhile ago about girls can't play games on the net. I know a lot of female gamers, they are excellent players in many different genres of game. I have also been handed my backside by a few women gamers in war games. Gaming has no place for gender issues, its a place we are all equal and should be judged on ones skill not gender. ZP2KX is Zombies and Pterodactyls an indie game for xbox,
Happy gaming.

I have the same problem as you, whenever someone befriends me on a game they ask whether I'm a male or a female, I mean, does that matter? We've come together merely to play games not to find out our gender which defines how you'll treat us. I really hope in the future gamers will identify us female players as gamers too.

Well at least you really know how to play. There are some women who act like they know sports they jump up and cheer with the crowd. Then asked me to explain what just happened. My favorite is when they want to go to the snack bar in the middle of the game.

And here we go with the stereotypes :P

Zombies and pterodactyls!!!!!!

*Waves from one female geek to another . . . and one who also humours 'the King'

Yus =w= I love that game, but it's pretty dead now T.T

I find it hard to believe you are receiving as much flak as required to write a damn story about it. I just refuse to accept it as fact. Anyone who rags on you is most likely underage. And a virgin. I say virgin, because a true gamer would flip **** over a TRUE gamer girl.

I actually don\'t particularly care whether you accept it as fact or not :P Nerd culture is becoming more and more of an \"exclusive\" thing. One of the worst parts is that if a girl actually enjoys something nerdy, then they\'re forced to prove it in some way or another.

That\'s a bit unfair to you.

I think the "heat" you're getting is that guys believe only 2 scenarios are likely: either you are a man posing as a girl or you are only pretending to enjoy games that aren't pretty. I think that "nerd culture" is less exclusive than ever because there are increasingly many outlets that count as nerdy. So what you find now is a much larger number of people ironically acting out the belief that nerd culture should be exclusive.

I don't even care, man. And I used to have a mic on my Xbox (until I broke it out of rage >.>) and people still tried to troll me for being female.

Lately I'm playing a FB game that I ought to consider crappy, but somehow it hooked me. I would pay to see you nerd-raging at the screen and slamming your fist on your desk. +naked

I'm calmer than most gamers I know when something doesn't go my way. It's hard to take gaming setbacks seriously after playing Diablo on hardcore mode. Permanently losing your character and all of its gear that took weeks or months to acquire changes one's perspective. I also keep my nerd-rage to a minimum as not to disturb whichever of my three cats is currently sleeping on my mousepad.

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Hey im josh from sydney..... gamer cod.

CoD doesn\'t even count.

I think it's cool as hell because there aren't a lot of them :D

you are just a gamer, being female does not make a difference. its like saying i like to cook and im a straight guy.

It makes a difference in the eyes of the gaming community, which needs to ******* stop.

well it won't stop, just don't let it bug you. i get called gay all the time because i love to cook so its pretty much similar.

I think you're gay if you -don't- like to cook. Partly because most women love men who can cook.

in my opinion its the more the merrier. some game well,some dont, just as with the guys, in short if ya like playing games and people wanna give a hard time, thats what iggy is for, they're not worth the silicone their playing on

Gamers are a bunch of trash talkers. You should just out trash talk them.

I might have been born trapped in a boy's body-and therefore need a Gender Change to set stuff right, but I'm a Girl & I'm a Gamer too. Who here knows Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword, or Lego Ninjago for Nintendo DS? I also want to get my hands on Ninja Gaiden: Shadow for Gameboy.

Sonic is dead, and Mario is quickly descending as well :P How old are you, if I may ask?

Well I wish u had thought better of it before typing "Sonic is Dead and Mario is Quickly descending" (Especially "Sonic is Dead") Forget about learning how old I am unless u can apologize.

Sonic -is- dead. It gets a free pass because it's a classic, but all the modern Sonic games are balls. Have you ever played a modern Mario game? They're getting worse and worse, too.

24, going to be 25 the 25th of this July. Y do u ask?

Just wondering. Mostly wondering if you can buy M rated games on your own. Go out and get something better than the Wii, because Nintendo has been bombing badly ;P

What's "Better than the Wii"? I agree it's not so Good, as I get bored after about 2 minutes, but... I've got a 3DS and that's fun! I can browse the web, watch Netflix shows/movies, Camera, Sound recorder/editor...

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I would think being a girl gamer you get tons of guys interested in you constantly.

Some. But mostly they just look down on me and call me fake. That is, until I utterly wreck them.

Lol. Nice. That's actually really not. Now I wish I knew anything about video games lol.

I'd think after you wreck their dumper they'd be more likely to call you a guy pretending to be a girl.

That happens plenty, too &gt;.

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Most folk who have issues with girl gamers do so simply because they feel somehow made to be less!! I love the fact girls out there are willing to get up and game it make for a better challenge!!

I am glad there are female gamers and anyone who has a problem with that needs to grow up. I am an adult male who loves video games as for me it's relaxing.

Hear hear!

nothing wrong with girl gamers infact I think its a growing trend these days.
I don't mind when other players message me and call me dude or man, I would rather they assume I am "one of them" then hit on me

Personally I see us all as gamers. Not gamers and girl gamers. We are in it for the love of the games.

I am also a girl gamer and completely agree with you on the fact that I also play games for the story line and graphics. On occasion I get on call of duty to just "point and shoot" and not having to think. If i'm not with my friends I don't like talking because of this issue. It's absurd of how bad it gets but over the years I've learned to tune it out and I don't hear it anymore. I don't see why it's such a big deal that a girl can play games. It shouldn't be an issue but for some reason it is. It's mostly on the console too. I've not ran into it as much on the PC when i'm in voice chat.

Girl gamers don't really exist, this is some trick! That myth got "nerfed" last year at launch. Hmph. <br />
j/k<br />
Take it how its delivered? (squeals) Well... ahem. I think, Miss Rose that there is just a playful trend that circulates through the gaming community that most gamers are guys until proved innocent. The reason is because there are a lot of guys that would pretend to be girls in MMO's and such so us fella's who have common sense don't make hasty assumptions.<br />
I have met a lovely lady who could match my DPS parse (after I trained her) so i know they exist. <br />
As a matter of fact I am going to make a group right now called "I believe girl gamers exist" lmao.

Pah, who needs to be taught how to do a lot of DPS? ;3 And really, it's gotten to the point where if people ask if I'm female, I'm just like "****, man, Iunno!" which of course immediately makes them assume I'm not. No lying and they think I'm a guy. Win-win ^.^

Love it. Golf clap to you good sir! Keep up the good work. ;) But in her defense I was training her on the Illusionist class and she had never played it before. We raided in EQ II for 5 years together. Her main was a Sorcerer and she was best on the server (when she tried and wasn't being a fat emo cow about someone not buffing her). &gt;.&gt;

XD That last part...

Once your a gamer your always one Onica. ;) We just go into temporary retirement.

I went into exile for years during the age of the Wii because of all my beloved games being put on that worthless PoS system. Just sayin'.

Not sure about console now since i went full PC a while back. But here is an interesting link you might like for emulators. The Game Boy Advance and DS are cool.

You can play these on your PC. Its kinda naughty I think but whatever. lmao

Aardwolf is meh. Try OtherSpace for good RP. :P Aardwolf is way too coded for me. Everything's all cookie-cutter. Text games are about imagination, and that game has none.

Psh, perfect world. Eye candy without a ton of depth :P

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i myself am a girl gamer/geek, my thing i notice is that often us girls don't want the attention. another thing i have noticed in my time in online games is that people use rl pictures of before they got into games cause getting into gaming can be fairly consuming and end in overweightness... *sigh* i don't want to be overweight but yeah.. (i personally have used being a girl to my advantage in mmorpgs :) girls always get help from both sexes as long as you use the right words lol)

Oh look and here she is! Meow. The lovely Tamikay, goddess of destruction.

goddess of true destruction, aoe death princess, the fabled downs syndrome puppy!

Aka misses "wherethefuckismytimecompressionat" eh?

thats tamika rezzplzkkthx

Oops, wrong comment thread &gt;.&gt;

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It's not just that you are a GIRL gamer, it's that you are a HOT girl gamer, which is a lot more rare. When you drop a hot girl into a community full of males there's bound to be some drama that comes with it! take it as a compliment :P

XD Well, if you insist :P Still, you'd think they'd be nice instead of being ******** (talking in general here, some are nice)

haha yeah..some nerds are pretty socially awkward. I try to just be the bigger person and guide them down the right path :P

I am a chica and I am a gamer. I have been since I was three/four years old. I'm not saying I'm the absolute best gamer but I do enjoy video games. Currently, I like Skyrim. I've tried Fry Cry 3 but not so sure about it. My husband is also a gamer - more dedicated than me but honestly, I enjoy watching him play :) We actually met online on a MUD; I wouldn't recommend the particular MUD we were on; 4Dimensions because a lot of the admin are corrupted and absolutely disgusting. There's only ONE Admin that I get along with and stay in touch with; the rest are absolutely lame (at least the ones I knew of before I left).

My husband and I both don't really play MMORPGs because there are a lot of cheaters that take advantage of people who just want to play the game.

We both are also part of a table top group in London which we technically have been members of even before we got married (six and a half years now) and we even play in seperate groups from time to time.

Because I'm not really into MMORPG, I don't get discriminated against because I'm female. When I play with my table top group, I hold my own as a character; I get no special treatment however, when I play with a few certain guys, their characters treat me almost like a little sister that they look out for but I also look out for them! :) Especially in a party split! Mwhahaha

I've also done 2.8 Hours Later which is a zombie game ran by Slingshot; they basically take over a city for three hours and you have to survive. Unfortunately I did not because a zombie in purple scrubs (the people who train all year for the event) caught me but otherwise, I played it like a rogue.

Anyway, I can understand your plight; guys thinking that you suck because you're a chick. Honestly, a guy can sweep through an area quite quickly however, I found I'm more observant about items and npcs than my husband and I'm sure you are too!

I wouldn't be caught dead playing WoW, it's basically a cheater's wet dream. Almost like the violent version of Second Life. If I were to play an MMORPG it'd probably be DayZ :D I don't play Halo because 1. I'm not a XBOX fan and 2. I don't really like SciFi games (Red Faction was the furthest I'd go).

I just thought I'd comment :) Don't let those jerks get to you - I bet they get killed by chicks all.the.time mwhhaha :D

You play MU*s? Try OtherSpace. It's the best MUSH I've found yet :3

1st: There are no girls on the Internet. If you claim to be one, you're fake.

2nd: Girls tend to suck. However, my gf was probably one of the top healers in WoW until we got bored and left. However, she, unlike you, seems to realize that she is part of a very very small minority that can actually hit buttons properly.

3rd: Halo is not a real gamer's game. That too screams FAKE.

4th: Girls that aren't discriminated against tend to scream discrimination when being treated fairly if they disagree with a decision anyways. Ever heard: "I need feminism as an excuse to beat my wife"? Same goes with discrimination, no matter what you do, you're discriminating, might as well do it just because you can.

Let me just say this to start off: **** off, you pretentious bag of dicks. Now that I have that out of the way, let me address your response one section at a time

1. ...I can't even. That's Just no.

2. A stupid as hell generalisation made by someone who clearly knows nothing about the opposite sex. Not to mention WoW is a sack of generic **** made to leech money off people who are too shortsighted to see that there are games just like it, a lot of which are better.

3. Halo is an example that everyone can relate to, because it's wildly popular. If I said the X-series, or ZP2KX, or Mount and Blade, people would just be like "what's that?". Once again showing your ignorance.

4. ...What? That's ******* stupid. You're likely one of those ******* guys who's all like "OMG, THERE'S A GIRL HERE. SUCK MY **** AND GET OFF XBOX LOL HURR DURR."

Actually, I'm more like, "there are no girls on the Internet", then I proceed to playing the game.

And trust me, WoW is a sack of generic **** that has more players playing and paying per month than any other game after that long. I wish I had created that sack of "****". Nice to see yet another elitist that doesn't understand the gaming world. The story itself is generic, but the game and the mechanics (you claim to care for) were at the time revolutionary. Sure its old now, but 9.6 million still playing old.

PS: Wait on FFXIV - for too many reasons.

It doesn't matter whether or not it was once revolutionary. It's now generic. ******* pong was once revolutionary. Nobody plays that anymore...well...almost nobody.

And Final Fantasy is another one of those series that I sort of despise. They should've stopped making them after at most the seventh.

Its why I quit playing it. Because they stopped introducing novelties (that, and finding good players was a bigger challenge than the game itself)

The thing is, a lot of those better games are -free-. Yeah. Big difference.

I've tried a lot of free to play, they tend to be worse or pay to win. Pay to win makes it auto worse since they bombard you in-game with crap ads.

Play Fallen Earth. It's a damn good FTP MMO, even if it's not the prettiest thing on the market. Runs well on my **** computer, I don't care.

Looked and I cant support such a business model. I am a Pirate before being a Gamer! :) Looks interesting for those who want sandbox and say nothing exists for them. Gonna have to ask them their thoughts on it.

I understood that first half, but the second half of that comment is sort of lost on me. Say nothing exists for them? Lolwut?

Yeah, on various forums, people cry out that there are not any modern sandbox games out there, that its all theme park. So I'll throw that game around as if I play it and see what they reply to that.

Sandbox = no guidance (EVE)
Themepark = extreme guidance (WoW)

Lol, Eve. What a bad game. Space tax returns, yay!

I look at it this way:

If there was 1 MMO I liked right now, I'd be playing it. So I'm waiting.

You can't really know without trying them. How's that newish Star Wars one? I hear it's awful.

I cant try them all either. Also, when family tells me a game sucks and to stay away, I listen. They did the same when I said SW:ToR ... STAY AWAY.

With SW:ToR... Oh I tried, for Star Wars, not for the business model.
It would have been a passable game in 2001. In 2013, not quite.
Worse than WoW in everything.

Being a (huge) Star Wars fan, the part I hate most, is that it is not Star Wars when you play the game!

I only played past the first hour because you can hide the cash shop button in that game. So since EA scrapped the name, I now boycott everything EA too. :)

No Crysis 3 for me.

Starwars: Galaxies was good until they made it all WoWish. It's disappointing that there are no good Star Wars MMOs out there. The Star Trek one is playable, though!

Surprised to hear STO is still running. I was told to stay away by family and so I will. Its a trick not to have to try every game, trusting your family. I have cousins and brothers that play. If 1 of us says stay away, that company just lost 10 sales, instantly. :)

Well I find that it's silly to let others decide your fate ;P I try every game that I be honest, gaming takes up most of my free time.

Well, in a sense, we all know each other's gaming preferences. Also, companies need to pay attention their customers. Losing out on 500$ is a small deal, but if we count guilds and other small groups doing the same, it starts to add up. So if you want better games, sometimes you have to trust your friends to help the market change.

Well, I definitely listen if my sister says that a game's crap, but I usually give it a try anyway (you know, with those totally legitimate torrents) before making a final decision.

Torrents are legitimate! We are taught to share since birth, why should it be illegal once you're an adult. I choose humanity over profits. What is wrong is someone copying the game then reselling it, but that's counterfeiting, not piracy. Plus, my religion says its okay to do so, I'm an adept of the Church of Kopimism.

However, we just share the account with each other if someone really wants to see the game, its easier that way.

Yeah, but sometimes my sis deletes the torrents before I get a chance to check them out. It's a little annoying XD

Spank her!
j/k, dont know what to say to that, never had that problem :)

Just throwing this out there, you saying Halo is not real gamer's game, well you can just go **** yourself. You probably just suck a lot of **** at it and that's why you think that.

This is probably why the game is so aweful, because its target audience happens to be immature people like you. NEXT!

I disagree. The game has sort of a generic shooter feel to it, but it's still got solid gameplay and a good backstory, which is more than I can say about other competing games, like CoD.

Most shooters nowadays, like CoD, BF3, Crysis 3, Halo are cashgrabs to appease shareholders, I wouldn't even support such a business model. The second you cant choose your own server in an FPS, you know its not a gamer's game.

Again, I said it's better than its competetors, not that it's the best thing ever. I play it when I'm bored and feel like blowing up some aliens. And there are select few Xbox Live games I've found where you -can- select your server.

Yeah playing PC does help.
Natural Selection 2 not only allows you to blow up aliens, but you can play as an alien. Quite an interesting concept.

The 360 AVP game allows you to play as a marine, alien, or predator, which I thought was super fun. They all have totally different playstyles, too, which is rare in a game. Usually they're just slightly different classes worked into the same mould.

Yeah, same with natural selection, except that has 2 factions. The interesting part of the concept is that it is also an RTS as well as a shooter. (ie: 1 person is leader, all others are his squad) - Anyways, it does have flaws, but the concept is worth taking a look at.

Sounds interesting. I'll look it up later.

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I play games too, I sometimes won't play with a mic just because I will kick some *** and being a girl everyone wants to be your friend. Big love for halo, hit me up if you wanta kick some *** with me.

also sorry rose but your picture is very cute ;)

Thank you :P

Jeez, I feel bad for you... Whenever I play, as a girl, I'm nearly always treated like royalty! I always give myself a really masculine name (or one associated with masculinity). Back when I played roblox, every kid was dying to be my "boyfriend", and in minecraft everyguy gives me stuff, helps me out... I usually play Halo by myself, and any games my dad happens to be playing. It'd be horrible if I used the mic; everyone would have to hear me screaming "DIEDIEDIEDIEDIE!!!" to no end, along with furious clicking noises.

Answer: Nothing is wrong with it. My 21 yo daughter is, LOL, WOW, Skyrim, etc...(it's funny listening to her rip on the guys in voice chat) and I play LOL. I also love to engineer things in Minecraft. I know it's not exactly "gaming" but I also like the Hunger Game series they have. When they work, anyway...LOL. When I was younger I worked on computer game graphics. My Ex was a computer Yoda and designed a lot of games, mainly for the original Tandy CoCo. Like Dungeons of Daggorath. I guess the only problem is the rare perve you run into. But they don't last long.
Just have fun with it.

I am a girl gamer too :) love it, play them with my boyfriend ect! nothing wrong with being one, and guys should like you being a girl gamer :) lots of extra brownie points !! if you enjoy doing it, you shouldn't have to stop for anyone! You go girl :) x

Some people will never be able to accept that girls play games to. While others will agree that they may even be a better or equal player. I actually had to show this one dude how to get past this part in a game he had on his ipad. I showed him and he got all mad. Whatever.

Do what you enjoy doing and don't feel you need to justify it to anyone else! You're not the only female who enjoys gaming. I like it too... with or without males. That's not the reason.

Just keep being you and enjoying it. Eventually the biase will become outdated against women gamers. Until then, just tell them "I enjoy it. To each his own."

My son and I love the Call of Duty games but my daughter kicks our arse at Assasins Creed games

Absolutly bullshit ;)
A lot of boys/men like when girls are also gamers ;)
I really love when i can play with my boy some matter if online or on playstation or something like that ;)

That blows :P. The discrimination you get jeopardizes other women from getting into gaming, then it just leaves the whole gaming community a sausage-fest.

I say, CONTINUE! Here's my two cents, that actually equally fifty, but press Start to begin again on a new path. You might be playing Mage but that doesn't make you less of a Warrior; The development of female gamers being recognized as that, gamers, has evolved and leveled up higher than before.

You've got this.

I have been called everything from fake to ***** for merely liking games. I find it insane that girls can't like the same "interests" that boys do.

They (the boys) probably mostly object for two reasons.
First, you take away from THEIR gaming time and secondly, you probably humiliate them! (which means they aren't mature enough to treat you equally).

I don't quite follow the first part &gt;.&gt;

bc you're JUST&gt; a girl (girls being clumsy, and more interested in sewing, cooking, cleaning, doing laundry etc.), you neither have the skill not the interest in playing video games.
I don't understand the first part either, but that is still how a lot of boys think (and its how their parents bring them up). Personally, I tell my daughter there isn't anything she can't do! Furthermore, I encourage her to wipe the floor with the boys and humiliate them if they can't keep up with her! Other wise they will never view her as a superior (which she is in every way)!

Female gamer: Gamer
Male Gamer: Gamer

Wannabe Female Gamer: Girl Gamer.

Bullshit, we get labeled that no matter what we do. Screw off, mate. I'm not a poser just because others try and stick that label on me.

Rose, by your above post, I think you might be a little too sensitive and defensive about this topic. I read, "Female gamer: Gamer". Then, other females that just play to spend time with their guy are "Girl Gamer". I think they were acknowledging both, differently.

If someone told you you were purple, which you know you are not, would you get defensive? No, you would just laugh. You know you are not purple.

You should have the same reaction to anyone who tells you you don't really like gaming and just do it for attention. You know it's not true (like you're not purple), so don't give it any weight.

I am 32 male and I love the gamer woman kind of gives me a stiffy.. Lol

I love u will u marry me

Damn, you found this story quick o.o

I would say I don't discriminate... but I think girl gamers are much more fun, play just as good or better, and it's always awesome to watch a girl kick ***! :) don't let people get to you, games are for entertainment so have fun!

I don't play the typical games the majority of the community plays nowadays (save a couple), so I don't really get the kind of bad rap a lot of girls get. I like games mainly for their music, gameplay, and overall appeal, but the main thing for me is the art. Most games nowadays try to be super realistic, which does get old for me. :/ I mean I could probably play them if someone threw one in front of me and told me to play, but I much rather go for the stylized ones. I'm also more of an old-school gamer so I don't deal with a lot of people who play the same games I do.
And I've heard a lot about girl gamers getting **** about their interests, but I've never had to experience it first-hand.

I think you'd like Fable 3, if you haven't played it yet. It's SOOOOO beautiful. :3

Oh, I've heard of it but never looked into it. It have a fantasy/medieval element to it? That's also one of my weak points as I love those sorts of things. (That and sci-fi. Better yet, science fantasy.)
I'll look into it more, thanks!

Yep! Also, Farcry 3. It's beautifully realistic without being hyper realistic. It takes place on two islands covered with jungle, too, so you know it's got to be pretty ;3

That's the official trailer. It's a lot more hyper realistic than the game is. I think that's just to attract more attention :P The whole game never leaves first person, either, which I think helps relate with the main character even better :3

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Let me tell you that you're cool :)

A gamer is a gamer, no need to make gender distinction.

I support gamer girls, since everyone has the same rights on videogames.

I wish you luck :)

As a female who works in the gaming industry, I can say that there is a fair amount of misogyny, but it's really not as bad as some female gamers claim it to be. Over 30% of gamers are female, across all platforms (it's up to 40% when we're looking at pc gamers). It's not that rare, nor that special.

Read the edit. Maybe it's not as bad from your perspective, or maybe I'm just unlucky, but we all have different experiences in life.

Just play video games disregard the rest

I am a hard core gamer in Second Life. I have several avitars...all girls....and don't have any problems at all. I have a bunch of friends on my friends list that are male and female and also have frieds that have avitars of the opposite sex. I just never had any interest in being a man. I don't get hassled about being a female gamer, infact it is engouraged there. Unfortunately in any game there is some a**holes that have to show how "big" they are. The good news abour Second Life is there is a mute button.

I don't really even consider Second Life to be a game, myself, but yeah, it makes sense that the community there wouldn't care. Especially seeing as a lot of it is one big sex pot ;P

Nope...I do usually get surprised looks when people find out I, too, am a gamer. Most of time, people assume I'm buying the games and paraphernalia for!!

Indeed it is!!

I've found on Xbox Live that girl gamers are coveted like gold and goddesses.

Hah. You're lucky, then.

Ha ha ha... I'm a guy. But I'm lucky to have a lot of female gamers on my friend list, I suppose.

Well most guys just find it hard to believe girls are into games. Especially good looking girls. I think its awesome. Im always trying to find girls to play with. Yall are fun to play with.

I'm always trying to find girls to play with, too! Wait, are you still talking about gaming? I wasn't....


Gamer, no problem, should not be. The issue is the other gamers, mostly young teens, early twenties as a rule. Don't feed in their nonsense, they're kids and immature. Do your thing, enjoy yourself. Ignore them and do not get stressed.

Are you any good? Maybe your getting heat because you suck? ;)

Are you kidding? I always make them eat their words.

Also it's you're.

Ok sorry for my grammatical error. Lol
Why don't you just ignore it and keep proving you rock with skill, and throw in a cheeky message in to wind up said ****** every so often :)

we have many girl gamers in our family ..sister in law neices etc...just be who you are...the rest will be a lot easier..

Personally I don't think people care what gender players are. A gamer's a gamer. I think what ****** people off is when girls make an issue of the fact that they're 'girl gamers' to call attention to themselves. It's like, stop with the attention whoring already and play your game.

Seriously, I don't even. All I have to do is name myself something girly and people act all immature and assholish.

In fact this is exactly what I'm ******* talking about. Just because I'm venting about the discrimination in gaming doesn't mean I'm attention whoring.

I've never encountered this, I do wonder if you've just had bad luck with who you've come into contact with? I've played four mmo's and no ones ever acted differently if your male or female (to me at least). And any guy I've got talking to about games, has always thought its "cool" that I'm a girl gamer.
The worst thing I've come across that's even loosely connected would be nipping into a table top games shop, and getting the "Gosh it's one of those female things!" :P

I'm surprised you get heat from people. I don't game that much, mostly just call of duty, but if I'm playing and there's a girl who's doing really well I'm impressed! Most of the time it's hard to tell tho, as I don't often hear girls talking on mics and it's only if the name is something like "imagirl" that I can tell haha

My username is TheRose202. I think that's pretty girly XD

Go girl! There's absolutely nothing wrong with girl gamers! world needs more:)

The COD crowd gives real gamers a bad rep(not trying to bash all you COD players). Gender doesn't matter if your gaming skills are up to it. I have had my *** handed to me by plenty of women and I'm not ashamed to say it because they were superb gamers.

i didnt read ALL the comments, but i did read what you posted. i myself am a HUGE gamer. i love video games. im a guy. i personally dont care if you are a female gamer or not. i am however always wanting to be with a female gamer. i have girls all the time that SAY they are a gamer, but then they play a game maybe like once a month or something....but yeah if you are good at Battlefield and you whoop up on me, great! more power to you. i dont mind getting beaten by someone thats better than me. for me it doesnt matter if you just happen to be a female. i do wish that more girls would play and not look down on gaming as being something nerdy or whatever. i dont know how most girls look at video games lol. but yeah more power to you! i welcome you with open arms to the gaming community and you are free to show your skills against me anytime lol.

I play games daily. If I could, I would play games nonstop all day. So yeah XD

I don't consider it nerdy at all. I often wonder what girls do with all their time if they don't play video games. hahaha

Go shopping, go out with friends, all that stupid stuff ;p

lol you guys are AWESOME! what games are yall fixated on right now? i have way too many games on my plate at the moment but i keep going back to black ops 2. i keep telling myself i have other games but i have work to do on black ops 2 lol

Bye :P Anyway, currently Terraria and Fallen Earth are what I'm hooked on at the moment.

Minus that "at the moment". That was redundant.

lol black ops 2 really is a good one. they changed up quite a bit. i mean yeah its still the same game at the core of it all, but its actually fun this time around with a good variety of stuff. but i really have literally hundreds of games in front of me right now that i havent even touched...its overwhelming. im guessing by your response you are a pc gamer?

Immature much? Haha.

No, I prefer console games to the lesser lag problem, but I'm still hooked on two PC games atm.

Nobody asked your opinion and I was kidding. Seriously, **** off.

omg marry me lol. i built my own gaming pc a few years back and it is the absolute best way to game in my opinion. the graphics are so crisp and defined. plus, most games let you use a controller! i was always put off by the keyboard and mouse combo, but ive gotten used to it now. but, in order to cut out the lag and any issues like that, it has to be pretty up there in specs. i forget how much i spent on this, but i can guarantee i couldve bought at least three current gen consoles for the price

Yeah, I'm poor :P

Otherwise, trust me, I would but or build a gaming computer. I really want to play Planetside 2 and it's frustrating that I can't with my basic computer specs.

i tried playing it. i went into a match and was just completely oblivious as to what i was supposed to be doing lol. the map seemed so utterly huge...i basically just ran around. i saw one person and didnt even know if i was supposed to shoot him or not lol. i really was lost. havent played since

It's pretty obvious who to shoot and you can ask the others what to do :P If you're purple, shoot the red and blue, and if you're blue, red and purple, etc etc.

lol i didnt know what color i was! it was pretty sad. hahaha.

How? O.o You have to choose before you even start...

they didnt have me choose anything. they didnt say what the objective was. it was just i started the game and i was thrown into a match.

Then someone must've played it before you, because you have to pick the Terran Republic, Vanu Supremacy, or New Conglomerate before you can even create a character. I chose the Vanu Supremacy, because they had the coolest backstory :3

oh yeah i did pick that. i didnt know it was representative of a color lol. i dont really remember too much about the game. maybe they did explain it all very well? i just didnt see? who knows lol

Vanu Supremacy - purple and silver, Terran Republic - red and black, New Conglomerate - blue and white.

hmm...i dont even remember who i and black sounds cool lol but i feel like i mightve done new conglomerate

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I'm a girl gamer, I play counter strike competitively, and I love the battlefield games as well as planet side 2. Online fps's are my favorite. Guys think its cute when you don't win but if you are good at the game they talk **** because a lot of them get embarrassed.

I've heard guys literally cry because I've beaten them. (Heard it on the mic)

Let that be their problem. I tend not to talk in game though and stay off the mic, unless its to my own team. Otherwise I stay off the mic because people annoy me or try to ask for pix

I've seen a lot of girls in the battle field games though, I mean a LOT, but the only way I found that out was because I used a feminine name and then a lot started joining my squad and asking on the mic if I was a girl or not.

I think the there are a lot of girls who are hardcore gamers its just that the hardcore gamer girls want to kill and play the game and are more concentrated on that than chit chat.

But there's always that one girl who is a mic ***** and talks very slutty for attention, and sucks at the game so guys think she's the only girl on the server because the rest of them are busy.

If I had a mic, I would trash talk 'em right back, but I'm sorta defenseless as far as that goes T.T

i like borderlands 1 and 2 and mass effects 1 and 2. mass effect 3 sucked so bad when i saw my husband playing it that i have yet to complete it and we bought it the day it came out. lol

I assure you that any male gamer is dreaming about a girl like you =) And if guys show their arrogance, it's only because they consider it a right thing to do. Don't try to defend or prove your point of view, just enjoy the game and soon boys will trust you and let you in their world =) If you don't believe, I can tell you that me and my boyfriend are two gamers and we are happy together =) he finds that it's incredibly cool that I am a female gamer =)

Can't believe that still happens today. They had a gaming contest at the local community center in our town. My daughter signed up and said guys were laughing. They thought that she was just trying to meet boys. They were amazed when she started winning. Guess who was one of the final daughter. She said people left the room after they were eliminated. Then she said that she heard some boys talking about a girl gamer and realized they were talking about her. She said at the final the room was jammed with people wanting to see the girl play. She won second place and respect. :)

Heheheh, I think I'd like your daughter ;3

She is pretty cool. You keep right on playing. Enjoy!

Lol, there's absolutely nothing wrong with a female playing video games. I'm hearing less and less of all the whining that goes on because of it. There's always something between Men and Women, whether it's jobs or gaming. I'd just ignore the people that make a big deal of it. Just keep doing your thing, lol. xD
On a side not, I play for the gameplay too! =D *Thumbs up*

Because you have to put it out their that your a girl in the first place I simply play games because there fun I don't go telling people my gender. Also you wanna know the real reason because the games your playing are for boys, trolls, and people who are hipped on call of duty. I play game for man and woman I have met one teen who was over 18 on a game called EVE online. You wont get harassed there because people are to busy pleasing their wives on there. Try it out look for more mature games you will find literally people to herass you.

Eve is crap. I want to play a game, not file a tax return. And I don't only play Halo, that was simply an example that almost everyone can relate to. And as I said, I never -say- I am, it's just obvious because of my username and..well, my extreme girliness.

Also, there*

And you're* x2

"Eve is crap. I want to play a game, not file a tax return." lol eve isn't complicated most games take a few months or more to master a large chunk of a game same with EVE the real time goes into slowly training skills. Not much of a problem though once you train something you always have it plus EVE is pretty much free after a few months you can easily afford plex in game no big deal.

lol yeah i played some halos to not like there not fun just a bunch of trolls on there ever tried resistance 2 and 3 i like those too =)?

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OMG yes I totally understand. I heard some guy say once "well girls usually play games like 'the sims' or 'just dance'. They don't play real games like modern warfare, etc."

And as a dedicated gamer with shelves full of a diverse genre of games I felt very offended(even though I do own the sims and just dance. ;3) why can't girls play modern warefare? Or call of duty? And when i do, there are tons of ******** online saying "OMG IS THERE A GIRL IN THIS SESSION!?" And they either have two reactions: 1)they decide to gang up on me and try to slaughter me(more fun for me tho) or 2) they feel the need to go easy on me and protect me.

Ugh. Why can't we just be regular gamers? Why do we need the title if GIRL-gamer? >.

well call of duty is **** anyways EVE online is for a more mature audience you wont find this problem there. mature audience = more respect

Well that's your opinion. I love call of duty. ^^ there are a lot of kids on there though.....

Right? Seriously, like, I don't personally like CoD, but it's the same way with Halo, ZP2KX, and a bunch of other unmentioned games.

Seriously, man, Eve is crap. I think it's literally designed to sap all the time and life out of people. Forget the learning curve, I can deal with that. It's that it feels like banking.

well i mean i have played every call of duty since the first one on ps1 up until modern warfare 3 when i decided i couldn't do it anymore. Do you know why they release a game every 8 - 12 months its because they're in a very powerful spot. They have more people buying there games more then any other game right? What would you do? I'd mass produce and sell my games with small tweaks call of duty has never really been improved since world at war they just keep posting slightly different games. It's like someone keeps taking a pile of **** then saying this is the most unique one and they get millions of dollars for it.

EVE doesn't suck its about what you specialize in pvp probably being one of the funnest. It's also about finding a social group/corp like mostly every other game I will admit though if its not for you its not for you and if it is it is. Much more mature audience though very little trolls.

Mature? No. Pseudo-mature, maybe.

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I honestly don't care for gender when playing games via multiplayer. The more the merrier, right?

<p>I can't speak for other guys, but I love female gamers. :-D You can play on my team anytime.</p>

Thank you :3

Hmm. I play all kinds of games, from CoD to Minecraft to Nancy Drew. I don't think I have ever had this kind of issue. Usually, guys are amazed at the fact that I play video games and get incredibly excited. I even work with someone who said he wished he could find a girl who enjoyed them. I don't typically talk games with other females, however, unless I know it's something they are interested in.

I guess it's just a different demographic.

I guess you can't find many gamer girls in a real life, they all are in a virtual one haha

Really? It surprises me that people give you girl gamers such a hard time.. I don't get it.. I would have thought girl gamers like you would be practically worshiped online simply for being female and playing a videogame.. Oh well, you might be able to find some pleasure in owning the guys at their game and turning the tables on them. We should play together some time (PC or Xbox 360), we can work together to embarrass all the douchebags that give you such a hard time. :P

Eh it doesn't matter your gender, if you can kick my *** then I want you on my team.

My sister used to be another gamer. Once she had her kids she did not have time. We were close and used to play against each other. She was good even at Fifa..

Who gives a flying fudge if you play games or not? Who cares whether you are a boy or a girl. The ONLY thing I get annoyed of with "girl" gamers is if they act like they are some sort of special rare amazing human being because they play video games and they are a female. (I am a female by the way, that also enjoys video games.) As long as you are humble and not a stupid idiot about it, there shouldn't be any issues.

Yeah, well, despite your idealism, it does create issues. The instant a female enters a gaming chatroom or forum or anything along those lines, it's like all the guys suddenly turn into sexist idiots.

Thing is, video games used to be strictly aimed for males back then. Heck, even the traditional male nerd is still a pretty popular thing now. Right now, with stuff like Mass Effect 3, Fable 3, a whole other Threes (Except for Episode Three. Valve can't count to 3) started incorporating women into the game more seriously, and started treating them like actual characters, and not just flat-out bombshell sex-symbols that used to be all the talk barely a decade ago (Tomb Raider as a prime example, plus pretty much 99% of all the women in God of War). Some guys just don't get it that gaming has been, with everything else, monopolized, and what's the best way to get more people to pay for your product (Or play your game, in other words), than to aim towards the other 51% of our human population? It's not much of an issue when you look at it as a long-run, as gamers still haven't adapted to this. Give it a few more years and the harassment will stop, well, eventually.
Plus, most FPS gamers are either prepubescent, or very, very awkward, and seeing a gamer girl is like meeting their president to them, so such people will likely never change.

Oh, and Xbox Live's gamer base is 120% compromised of 13 year olds. That's why PC Gaming is superior to all of you.

I play both. However, I don't have to deal with lag nearly as much on the Xbox, and that's enough to make it better to me ;3

I have no problem with gamer girls, just as long as you can hold your own no special beginners level. The one question I have always asked though is with all of the ladies that the guys dream about meeting in the games why are they so scared about of having a girl sitting next to them who saw the show, read the books, or knows the myths and can help them find the hidden items or solve a puzzle that is based on something outside of the game. there are things that eat, drink, breath air, and go to school beside you guys.

Even if I were crap at games -- which I'm not -- being a **** to someone because they're female is -not- cool.

And yeah, I've always wondered that too. My perfect romantic evening is that bromantic one Topher and Sierra had in the show Dollhouse ;3

Never ever label yourself as a girl gamer. If you want to, then expect the typical comments. If you are a gamer then let your playing do the talking. I've never had problems with dealing with guys and have a community full of males that i play with regularly, no one ever directs gaming related comments to me because when we are playing i'm just as good if not better than them ;) Also don't feed the little trolls.

I feed the little trolls plenty. I feed them lead and fire ;3 But anyway, I -am- a gamer girl. I don't label myself that way, it's just what I am. And it's not like I go around like HURR DURR I'M A GAMER GIRL LET'S HOLD UP SOME COD DISCS. I just like colour my Spartan pink and make her female and suddenly I'm getting messed with over chat. I don't even have a bloody mic.

Well then you are a gamer girl and unfortunately such a male driven world you can't change it, you will get those comments and if you want to feed the, it's expected. Might not be right but it's going to happen and for years to come it's going to be this way. I'm a girl and i play video games, i don't care for my spartan to be pink i just want to kick ***, so there is a difference. If you don't want to hear the young boys then mute them. I find lots of gamer girls love the attention.

I love when they cry over being beaten by me, so I don't mute them. It's so satisfying, revenge.

And pink, purple, and black are my favourite colours, so yeah &gt;.&gt;

=(o.o)= meow!!! mine, too. but instead of pink, i like blue.

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i know exactly how you feel. i always get heat from my guy friends whenever it comes to playing video games. they always automatically assume that i stink because of the fact that i'm a girl. it gets so frustrating at times. the most annoying part about it is when girls start assuming you're only playing video games to get a guy's attention...that's happened to me several times. i try not to let any of that bother me anymore. video games are one my favorite ways to spend my time, it makes me happy and keeps me entertained. forget about anyone trying to give you crap because you like to play video games. ultimately, its all about having fun and doing what makes you happy :) xx

Whenever a guy disses me for playing video games, I challenge him to one and beat him at it ;3

It's also sooooo satisfying when I hear the kids who just dissed me for being a girl get pissed on Xbox Live.

ahaha yeah! i love that. the moment you beat a guy at a game its like everything changes. except a few of my guy friends still claim that i just got "lucky" everytime i beat them. its pretty funny.

Man, some guys just don't know when to quit ;3

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split screen halo - sounds like a great idea - cant wait for the ps4 and 720 to come out - but there was a rumor that they wont be backwartds compatible - its just a rumor i dont know if it is true or not

Yeah, it was like that with the PS3 and 360, too. Really just a way for them to leech money by making it essential to buy new games x.x

well even if they do make new games for both the consoles - they may use some of the old games for 360 and ps3 and design it differently or they might just make better games for the new consoles that they have not made for the ps3 or the 360 - guess we will find out when the time comes

I wish they would realixe that they would probably make more money if it was backwards compatible.

we dont know really know if its gonna be or not - if they do not then they will more than likely make more games for the ps4 - they might take some ps3 games and re make them so that you can only play it on the ps4 - but would be much better if they made it backwards compatible

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Ignore the haters and keep playing. Games should be for everyone.