I love League of Legends even though I am not very good at it. I am a level 30 though. I think it would be great to get a bunch of people here on EP that play on the NA server to get together and play.
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Here is a link in youtube of last years world championship. This will give you an idea of what this game is all about.

hehe.. funny to watch a video game with commentary like that

But if you try it, you will find it addicting. :) Also check out thus funny youtuber who plays League and just has a lot of fun.

You know, ive never even heard of this game, until the last couple weeks on EP. Now I cant get away lol.

Please explain the game to me
I've never played

This is the link for more info about the game it is very fun once you learn how to play it.

Kk ill do that later

Ok you got 5 people on each team,you got 3 lane basically 3 roads right? And one goes too one goes mid and one goes bit the roads looks like a Y but with another l in the middle,so the object is early game you kill minions to gain gold,and then as the game progresses you but items with that gold and you get stronger and your potential to kill people gets higher and there are objectives like Towers,A Dragon that re spawns and a boss monster called Baron Nasher, and late game which is around 30-50 mins each team groups middle and you just go all in and battle 5v5 and yeah all your farming the minions and maybe getting a few early kills is goin to come in handy cause you will be stronger then the enemy and after the big fights of everybody going middle you end up just pushing a single lane and take all the towers down and the inhibitor which spawns super minions,and you kill the Nexus..that's your goal basically,kill the Nexus

Sounds fun *^_^*

It is a whole lot of fun.

Thank you for explaining. I just posted a video cuz I guess I am lazy :P

I had so many grammar errors,sorry ): I tried my best tho

I'm just glad I have more info
Btw what system is used for this
is it a purchased acfount or free online play.......

It's ftp you download it

Yay *-*

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