Have a ps3. I like to play games. Just not to the point I haven't seen the sun. I give myself a limit.
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I grew up playing Super Mario Bros 3 and I quickly learned the sun was evil and was trying to kill me.

When I was 15 - 17 the only sunlight I saw was from the Sun in Oblivion. (The elder scrolls.) These days I play for a few hours a week between Fallout, TES or something like that.

Screw the sun. What's it ever done for us? I am Batman.

What games do you play?

Defiance, Blazblue, Dirt 3, Dead or Alive, some Call of Duty, and I nearly have the Batman Trilogy to play.

I don't like cod but how are the other games you named?

They are awesome! Especially Defiance. It's free-to-play on the playstation store and I've been enjoying it so far.

Do you have any other consoles or no?

A PS2 and a Nintendo 64. You?

I have multiple consoles including an N64 and a PS2. Btw can you do me a favor please?

Hard choice because both are good, but the N64 makes me feel more nostalgic.

Hell yeah. Btw can you do me a favor?

Sure. What's the favor?

Can you please check out my YouTube channel and subscribe if you like what you see? It's called Vidya Bros. We wanna make it into a living in the future.

Sure thing :)

Thanks dude. Let me know when you subscribe if you do okay?

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The sun is overrated. Join us in the darkness! Haha, just kidding. It's good to give yourself a limit. I play to have a little me time and enjoy myself.

That's good thing! I have limit too! It's called younger brother and is so extreme that there are WEEKS I am not able to play at all ):