I am a gamer and proud of it 🎮 😏
And I have been recently playing Unturned on steam with my brother and a old friend and one of his friends and I have been considering the idea to opening are little personal server to the public but for fear are ******** on the internet I have for the time being desired not to, until I can set up enough defences to keep anyone I don't want in out... Maybe in the future I will open it up and let more people join idk
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1 Response Aug 21, 2014

Gaming can be fun, but don't wear it as a badge of honor, there's nothing to be proud of, games offer nothing to those around them and that's fine because anyone who engages in entertainment are the same. But don't waste your time and life and be proud of it and make it your lifestyle. It's a shallow life. Play for fun occasionally!

Totally. And it can be a great escape. I just don't want you to identify with being a gamer, you are so much more than a consumer of entertainment!

Lol nothing wrong with being a gamer. There are plenty of valid uses for the techniques required to run a gaming server. He could have a future in IT or web design. He could also go into game design or plenty of other professions if he felt like it was his passion. Gaming has a lot to offer the world. A good game is just as noteworthy as a good book or a good movie and yes, don't let it consume you, but saying it offers nothing is also extremely false. It is a way to show shy kids how to communicate in a rather safe setting; it works as a way to relieve stress; it builds language and logic skills; it increases a persons reaction times. As a rather proud gamer, I can say frankly that I would not be the same person I am today without video games. I believe that some people are overly obsessed with them, but people are also overly obsessed with other things. No one has the right to judge how anyone chooses to spend their life so long as they don't stop someone else from living the life they choose to.