Ive been playing video games since I was 5. My favorite game is resident evil. I know literally EVERYTHING about that game lol. I also play cod, battlefield, assasins creed, street fighter, minecraft, destiny etc. I have too many consoles. An xbox, xbox 360, psp, ps1, ps2, wii, gamecube, ds, Gameboy micro. Hopefully gonna get an Xbox one or ps4
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Resident Evil is the game.

Awesome., My favourite game is fifa :D :)

Soccers cool. Personally i never really got into it

I am too but I started when I was 10 years old and I love sonic the hedgehog and sonic heroes was my first game on a ps2 I bought

You should try Fallout 3. Best game ever, in my opinion. :) Add me on Steam if you have it! Same username as the one on here.

That's cool. I see you play mostly on the console? Do you play any games on portables like 3DS or Vita?

I was stupid and sold my 3ds. I might buy it again soon

Omfg yes!

Resident evil is my fav too.castlevania also


No. My online console is xbox 360

Dota <3

u into mortal kombat?

Yea ^.^ its fun as hell

lol true, im into most of the same games as you

dead space?

Oh my god yes. My favorite one was the second one. Hardest, most scary game ive ever played. I hated the exploding babies

lmao, they just come out of nowhere dont they? try playing it with a full surround sound system cranked up...

I play it alone and in the dark. Like a boss

natural habitat of a gamer. lol

Thats how im gonna game this weekend :P

have fun :)

You too ^.^

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how about bioshock, stalker, vampire the masquerade bloodline, muramasa the demon blade, fallout 2?

Bioshock and fallout <3

you should try fallout 2...i having been gaming since i was 12...never find anything like it..

Hmm ill give it a look. Ive been playing since I was 5. My first game was pokemon yellow. I still have it

who's ur favorite character in RE ?

Definitely wesker. I HATED that they killed him off. His death was even epic. It was ****** -.-

i've always liked Krauser more

My first is wesker. Then hunk. Then krauser. All are badass

What about DMC?

No. I might play it soon :P

3rd one is the best one haha