I think I use to be addicted to my ps3... From the moment I woke up, I'd grab my remote and play till like 3am.
Then my ps3 over heated and I got a life👊😂
DepressedButWellDressed7 DepressedButWellDressed7
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 22, 2014

Haha. What games do you play? And can you do me a favor?

How about you shut the **** up? I don't recall talking to you. So mind your own ******* business before you get your *** beaten down.

It was call of duty, but I don't play no more. And what is it

So sorry about the ******* above. IFK what the hell his problem is. Probably didn't take the stick out of his *** yet. And can you please check out my YouTube channel and subscribe if you like what you see? It's called Vidya Bros.

It's fine. And ya, I'd have to make an account but I'll defiantly go check it out and subscribe!!

Aww thanks:) . We do take requests btw. And we play old and current games.

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