Most of my friends laugh at me for playing games like payday, call of duty and assassins creed is that fair they are decent games in my own opinion
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3 Responses Aug 25, 2014

Call of duty is "meh" but I always liked assassins creed. I think payday could have been better, but it's still fun. All in all your favorites are your own, but maybe try some more story driven games like mass effect. You can really get lost in the story of a good game and come up days later wondering what happened.

Im trying to get my wife into more video games, she currently plays LFD ,and DAyz when it comes to fps games. she really likes games such as minecraft everquest landmark and, world of warcraft ect..

You play xbox-Xbox 1 or ps3-4

You got xbox live if you do what's your gt And I'll play cod with you