I'm a
gamer just say I
love COD halo and minecraft yolo
xlovelybutterflyx xlovelybutterflyx
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Don't play COD.
Don't play Halo.
I do play Minecraft.

how about Diablo 3? my son has me DL mods for his minecraft all the time. it's hard to tell which download is legit. he has built some pretty cool stuff in there though.

yes I play that

U doing a seasonal toon? found any seasonal legendary yet?

yes I am. but unfortunately I haven't found any seasonal legendary.

same here, i don't know anyone in my clan who has found one.

There's someone in my clan that did but my clan is pretty big so idk him

well that blows. between the two of us and all our clan buddies, one seasonal legendary....


and tonight i ain't got sheeeet from no elites either..


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1. i play cod but i rage so quick
2. dont have halo
3: minecraft is fricken awesome i may rage but thats when i play factions and get into a serious mood XD

wuts ur gamertag

mine on xbox is Nathan610 and mine on minecraft is Nate610 ill be getting live soon for xbox

do u hav minecraft for xbox or only for pc

both lol

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do u have xbox 360

No one says yolo anymore but okay lol. Btw you gonna get Destiny?

I probably will cause yolo

How about Yoda? You only die a lot?

no cause yolo is the truth and what about the poor l?

I like the phrase you only live once but yolo itself was so overused when that ****** song came out that it died within a few months. No one really says it anymore except some swaggots.

btw you're kinda goin far with video games. and swaggots? never heard of it now that's not a thing

Who's poor?!

the l you left it out

Totally lost.

you said how about yoda? you only die a lot but it needs to be yodal lol

Okay I'll give you that one.

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If this was posted on any other website....... it would be almost like you WANTED people to get mad at you.....

i wouldnt call myself a hardcore gamer or anything but this post SCREAMS attention seeking.....

wtf? all I said is I like playing some game how is that attention seeking? I was just hoping for so gamer tags idk why everyone's so sensitive about it

it just....... Does. The way its worded.....

it's really likely that you'll get nasty responces like this unless you put up some credibility that you have a reasonable amount of knowledge about these games and others like them.

Guys are really used to seeing posts like this where a fairly pretty girl like yourself put down a few games that any guy can relate to. i'm just sort of saying..... if you want a bit more respect from guys you should put down games that would acctually be impressive to them....

i'm not doubting that you play these games and heck, you are probably better than me at at least one of them,

but there are ALOT of what we would refer to in a steryotype grouping as.... "Gamer Girls"....

I'm just saying this post makes you seem like one..... alot...

and that kind of things just urks me...

so maybe you do play these, but this post just really says fake to me...

just really consider trying to sound less generic...

well I play these games and people can say whatever tf they want cause it's not gonna stop me from doing what I want cause I don't give a ****

hhm.... well i guess thats fine. as long as you enjoy it :/

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Get outta the shallow end of da pool and take a dive into games like Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country. Ya'll selling yaself short, dawg. Yiggity.

I'm sorry could you repeat that and use English this time?

Stupid teeny bopper

hey don't go all oldie on me

Those games are classics. You should try those.

I have not my type

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Need Mountain Dew and Doritos?

I'm more into the scarier games like Bio Shock, Dead Space, Fallout but also some great games like my fav of all time is Kingdom Hearts! :3 I do however play minecraft even for YouTube for fun I'm a huge pc gamer through steam



I can't stand Call of Duty because of it's obscenely low TTK. Halo and Minecraft are cool though. :)


It's an acronym, and it stands for "time to kill" (as in the time it takes on player to kill another). In Call of Duty, you can basically defeat an enemy just by looking at him/her.

oh ok I understand that I still play though XD

So right. Meanwhile Battlefield actually takes skill and is way more challenging because of having to be skilled to play it. Can't wait for the new one.

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You sound more of a simple
Player then a true gamer.

Like if you say, "I play Cod, mine craft, Skyrim, and Halo! #Truegamer" you're a ***. .-. Back then, you needed to become a true gamer. I am one because I have an NES, GameCube, nintendo64, Game boy, game boy advance, wii, Xbox 360, PS3, original XBox, PS2, and DS. I have many classic games as LoZ to Goldeneye to Luigi's mansion to Mortal Kombat. Just because you play the current popular game, doesn't makes you a true gamer.

people fail to understand

dude don't call me *** it was just what it said and it's just a word chill

*** *** faggy fake gamer.

you sound like a six year old lol

More like 666

ok now u really sound like a six year old squeaker

you are ******* ****, shut the **** your mouth *****

I'm sure I am a human. Also I'm not talking, I'm texting. And once again, I'm a virgin, so I cannot be a *****. Dumb ***. :p

Also don't be against me for telling the truth.

chill dude

Lol. Is that what these wanna be gamers call it? You really are just a player lol.

**** off. You can be a ******* gamer if u want to be one. Just take a chill pill and stop hating on people. Quit making this a big ******* deal. I'm not saying speaking you're min was wrong. But quit pushing it. She got you're ******* point.

Lolol my only job in EP is to butthurt and you fell for it LOLOLOL.

Naw. I'm just sticking up for my friend ***. So please **** off.

Nah, I was trying to making a dumbass like you to get mad at me to waste your time. Welcome to the internet of the trolls. Hope your family rots in hell. <3

Oh don't worry sweetheart. My family won't be rotting in hell. But I'll see you there and maybe we can shake hands with the devil. As for my time. Awe it's sweet you're worrying about wasting my time but don't worry. This kinda ***** amusing and It will never go wasted.

See we are in the same page.

We r and we aren't. Ur the riot started, I'm the riot fighter. Both quite alike yet very different. Fighting for different causes yet fighting all the same. Just leave my friend outta it. See you in hell.

A throne will be there!

Shez a fake gamur gurl.

**** off

oh and I forgot to ask are you a girl
or boy?

Obviously a girl. cx

sorry I couldn't tell btw it also doesn't help that you're cover half your face with justin bieber hair don't get mad just trying to help

It isn't near his gay hair. It's actually long. My bangs cover my left eye.

okay then

Plus my name Destrey The Anti-Christ should've been a hint

hint to ugliness? hey I don't judge

What's the ugly part dear? So doing what I like is ugly? Sorta is judging just beside I am a Satanist.

ugly part is your...everything oh and you didn't have to say you're a satanist trust me I can tell hun

My everything? Lololol you really are such an idiot. You were just now being an *** kisser, and I'm here defending myself lolol

well saying you're a satanist is not doing Avery good job lol yolo

Because I defend what I believe? Because I have actual common sense? Because I know more **** than you. Girl you haven't seen the world yet. Once you go out, you'll see the hate and **** you'll receive. Take your monkey ugly ******* birch nasty *** face out of my rights because this is the real world, not your minecraft building fantasy.

Wake up bitchy princess. c:

oh someone's mad lol

No darling, I'm telling the truth, C:

You should learn it. Obviously you get all worked up about it.

I get worked up? 😂 I'm guessing you didn't read your last comment

Lolol darling what were you doing before? XD just admit I'm right and we can end this, because if you think I'm mad or wasting my time, you're wrong. cx


Just admit it dear. c: you know I'm right. cx

Or do you want some jokes?

well you've made me laugh enough for a day so I'm good

Isn't it funny how you spend the most of the day trying to defend yourself. c: my work here is done.

how am I defending myself? I'm on here when I want to long on I'm talking to other people to even though yolo I got nothing to do now so I'm on

You sorta were earlier. And oh god that "yolo" business is stupid. K? K.


Only Losers Obey Yolo. c:


Gay ***. c:

well yolo

Gay *** to you too.

what do u mean? you didn't know I was a girl? yolo

I'm pretty sure you were a girl.

so you don't know what a ****** is and you say you know more **** then me? well can't blame you cause

Pretty sure I'm trying to insult you but okay. xD

pretty sure ya failed you should learn more about it cause yolo

Nah, to me you're just a homosexual male. c: ahead, I'd love to stay longer and be entertain but I got to prepare for Zelda month tomorrow. Bai bai ***. cx

oh don't go to Zelda cause yolo

Actually I can respawn in it so. ^-^

yolo real


You wouldn't know. You're not a gamer lelel

you should also learn how to spell cause yolo

Actually I'm spelling better than you. Lelel is as lolol but with the letter "e". Internet stuff you wouldn't know. Hue.

Plus the fact your claiming my spelling isn't as perfect yet my grammar seems to be, by far, more intelligent than yours.

well grammar isn't intelligent it's a thing yolo

Well sorta is because at least I'm not like, "LOLZ U SUK I REK U NOOB. I BEAT U UP NRL LOL" so. .-.

good thing I'm not either yolo 😃

I'm happy you're not. c: I would've been having an urge to kill you.

yolo I thought you already had one 😂

Nope. Why would I? I don't get angry anymore.

you obviously do but I can't stop cause yolo

No. I only got mad when back stabbers came in my life but it's okay now. c:

Hell yeah! This girl is a truer gamer than some of my friends. NES to the roof! Gotta' get me some Atari up here.

you are really ***** right? *****

Nah, I'm still a virgin, pretty sure I'm not a female dog, and your grammar is terrible. Lol.

aww thanks for the ❤️guess it takes
place for the one you don't have.

jk jk yolo😂

That made me smile, not gonna lie. XD and you're actually right, I haven't really love or like anything after.

best friends forever? ❤️👯❤️

Well this has to be my favorite thing. XD sure why not. cs


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halo yes cod no minecraft no

why no cod? I can understand that minecraft isn't for a lot but cod?

not a good story an shooters are just to bland


Anyone here got Gtav for xbox?

ikr!! :)

minecraft , halo, CoD like a boss

Shooters and minecraft, casuals.


better than any kind

Thats cool

lol you sound like a game Player, not a Video Gamer LOLOL

what?! I'm so confused


what u mean when I said gamer?

Finally, someone who gets it.


Only a true gamer would know what that means :p

ok then

please tell me wtf he's talking about

It's a complex way of someone calling you a "Casual" if you know what that means


yeah I do

why is everything so confusing now !

cause it's late and you're not thinking straight?


lol it would make more sense if you left the dark side(Xbox) And came to the light (PlayStation)

but I like xbox plus I like the dark side too

what game?

black ops halo all the games I said is pretty much it

yeah halo isn't worth it cause the rest of those are on ps3

you don't like halo?

Play station sucks come to the pc side


come to the dark side

I am already in the dark side


Haha I already have all the xboxs but I refuse to go to the light side.

Haha I'm sorry I didn't know 3 games mattered

Emphasis on "Games like" Theres tons of games ps3 and xbox have that PC doesn't. Consoles and PC are equal at most

Pc and consoles are good and bad in different ways so I would agree with you but I think that pc has more difficult games that need practice which Xbox and ps3 doesn't really have

console mostly go after the populous that's why most gamers are casuals that play halo, call of duty, gta, minecraft and battlefield

That's very true maybe that's why I prefer pc over consoles because I like the variety ANd I actually like a challenge

Ps3 does suck there whole system has been hacked and no one could play. Lol and you say ps3 is good

I didn't say anything about ps3

Haha sorry I commented on the wrong thing this guy said ps3 is better then of and Xbox because it has 3 games that they dont

oh yeah lol


Haha dayum what lolol

everything it's gettin heated

and Steam gets hacked, heck xbox and PC get hacked what's your point

My point is its individual players hacking and they hack there own profile and things but the whole ps3 network got hacked and none of the players were able to play


where did ya go? lol

Ha me

no heyitsjosh

Haha ohh ok so much chat goin on

damn Lazarus guy

PS3 sucks.... that's why PC doesn't have GTA 5 or games like Uncharted and Infamous...

Connecticut Leather Company Vision better than PC

i meant to send it to u

wtf is Connecticut leather company vision?

colecovision, a console before your time

oh of course

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