Other gamers message me! If you are a gamer I love you already. ^^
dropdeadwilma dropdeadwilma
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I mainly play portables, but that shouldn't bother you, right? :)

I'm a huge gamer :3 mainly a pc gamer but I'm more into the scarier games like Fallout, Bio Shock, Deadspace but also some Gmod and a bunch of games through steam and my fav game of all time is Kingdom Hearts :3

Then welcome to the gaming family

I play with pc, and I love Devil May Cry series, Saints Row the third (Havent tried IV yet), and Max Payne series :)

I wouldn't call myself a gamer but I play a video game from time to time.

It's kinda funny to think that there are so many "gamer girls"

I play videogames like 6 hours a day so I am a real gamer lol.

OK, I believe you! What games do you play?

Gta 5 very much. Bf4 sometimes but I'm not good at it lol, then Outlast and Amnesia too.

Yeah GTA5 is very fun

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Here here we both are

Sorry but I don't prefer couples because I will feel alone but uh

? What do u mean

Nvm, but I won't add you two or anything

I never asked you to I was just answering your question and telling you that we are gamers

But I asked for gamers to message me. However, forget it

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