Games I love playing: Minecraft❤️ (most played), Left for Dead 2, Saints Row (2,3,4) (don't think i have 1) GTA 4 (did play), The Last Remnant

Saints Row & The Last Remnant I've never fully finished :P
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I love saints row but never played 1 or 2

woah i love minecraft! and i played gta 5 and sr 1-4 didnt beat them all but 4 was really good lol :DD

yeah 1v1 me at minecraft!!! bow spleff and car battle on gta 5 sister!!! >:D

ok 1v1 sister!!! XD my gt is Nate610 and what server >-<

or u can just add me on skype >-< lol

Sweet!!! My skype is hellomynameisNathan610 soo lol XD

Msg me and we dab play mc together or something lol >_<

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Minecraft freaking rocks! I have a torch lamp, and a redstone cube lamp!

Unfortunatly I'm inbetween houses ATM. But when everythings sorted yea I do

Erm it may be the end of Sept before i move in to the new place

Haha, I certainly hope not ☺️

L4d2 all the way!!!

Best zombie game ever!!

same here

yeah u wanna add me on steam or stuff?

or maybe u want to check out my new channel ? :)

Saints Row 2,3,4, The Last Remnant, and L4D2!
Loved Saints Row 3 and 4. Haven't finished 2.
The Last Remnant I love and hate. On one hand, it's got complex RPG mechanics. On the other hand, it's not explained well.
L4D2 I got for free in the winter and haven't had a chance to play much of it.

The thing about The Last Remnant is that you need to read up on the wiki about a lot of the mechanics. The mechanic that gives some people trouble is the leveling system that dissuades people from grinding. Basically, if you're a higher level than your opponent, you're less likely to get stat boosts.
And sure we can play L4D2 together! I'm just not very good. :P

You mean showing the 360 controls? You can change that somewhere in the menu.

Yup. And cool, someone else from MA! If you want, I'll message you how to display keyboard controls once I remember.

Saints Row the Third is amazing :)
What about DMC series?

Devil May Cry

Its a great H&S (Hack and Slash) game, 5 different versions, I've played 3. 4 and 5
I love it, try it if you like ;)