Was watching this Total Biscuit video about how the media overhypes games now adays based on nothing but a shiny trailer and some awards they won at shows like E3 and Pax without it even being the complete game. How many games have you bought and felt let down by them when they didnt live up to the hype?
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I am a VERY cautious gamer. I have been for as long as I can remember. I bought Watch Dogs day one and almost immediately regretted it. I should have went with my gut and held out but I wanted to be the first of my friends to have the game. Now I don't even play the damn thing.

From what I understand the video was a response to the criticism thrown at him by MundaneMatt. MundaneMatt called out Totalbiscuit for being a king maker and hyping games and telling people to support this game.

Yeah you kinda have to be now adays, ive actually started liking indie games more than most of these triple A titles because it seems like believe it or not the quality control is higher it seems, course i could imagine theres a lot more systems and things in play in a title like Watchdogs vs something like Secrets of Raetekon. If you watch that video though TB actually admits what you just said about he was guilty of the king maker thing and actually admitted hed made a mistake with the maia video he made where he was pushing people to back the kickstarter. He actually appologized for that. So i think some credit should be given to em for that. I think too i can see how these journalists and critics and things get caught up in the hype themselves and its almost like it takes on a life of its own sometimes. Ive never heard of Mundane Matt ill have to check out some of his reviews and things too.

He talks about a whole host of issues but he is an avid gamer and enjoys the topic. He is actually at the center of the quinnspiracy when Zoey Quinn got one of his videos taken down for talking about the the conflict of interest between game journalists and game developers.

He uploaded this video recently : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGykIfOTOcU

Kewl thanks man ill check it out.

I really don't like TotalBiscut, but he makes some pretty good points every now and then.

Yeah im not a huge fan of him either but i thought this video hit on a lot of good points and had some truth to it. I just think its become a huge problem in the game industry now adays where they expect you to shell out money based on nothing but a hunch the game will be good.