God, I want this laptop so bad!! Alienware :)
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NOT worth the price. You can easily build a beefy gaming rig for the same price. Seriously, don't fall into the trap of buying overpriced gaming PC/laptops when you can build your own for way less.

my friend has one of those, dang they are fricken good, u can change the light on ur keyboard and stuff its awesome

No you don't, Alienware use to be ODM laptop from Clevo which were great, but since Dell took them over. Not as great as they could be, seeing Dell is not ODM company and they source from unknown company. I would look at MSI or Asus they are great ODM and make great gaming laptops. If you really want to get crazy you can order a bare bone Clevo system and build up your own laptop

That looks nice! Though you should really check out its specs before buying.

You have no idea how much I want it too.

Laptops. I've never liked laptops, with all its built in crap. I prefer custom built PCs 😎

Don't waste your money

well if she bought it good thing
she wouldn't be

Haha true

build a desktop!

my wife has that one it's an m14 though cuz I have another one from last years edition.

Building one is actually better now and also cheaper. Alienware has kinda fallin off since they have gotten big.

yes this is true but i have an impatient wife so I just got the whole thing at once but i did tell her it would of been cheaper

Alienware's good, but ROG G750? I'm considering...

Honestly building your own computer might be cheaper, but Alienware is nice as well. ^_^

do ittttttt

$2000 dollars later :/

Same....man. I'm in your boat, hun. Right there with you.

I want it so much though! I have to get it