One of my favourite games is Naval Ops Commander, by Koei. Naval Ops Commander is a Playstation 2 game where you start off with a ship from about the year 1890, as your choice of a German or British or American or Japanese ship captain. There are 30 levels, and each level gives you about 3 years of advance in ship and aircraft and weapon technology. The storyline starts off with your country's naval headquarters being mysteriously wiped out, and as the story progresses, you find out that space aliens have taken over all the other countries of the world and it is your job to advance your naval technology to the point that you can take back the countries in the rest of the world from their space alien rulers.

You learn fast not to take on too much with your initially limited technology. The first mission is a non-repeatable mission, and your job is to escape to the east, preferably without your two escort ships being sunken by the enemy fleet.

Mission A-1: Fog of War.

In the first repeatable mission of Naval Ops Commander, "Fog of War", your main goal is to sink 2 enemy destroyers. Before going on this mission, it is advisable to reconfigure your ship to split your machine guns across 2 of your 7 allowed weapons systems, since each weapons system fires only one machine gun at a time at an enemy torpedo. Also, I recommend redesigning the engine and turbine configuration to have a turbine in the stern, an engine further forward, a turbine further forward yet, followed by your 2 other engines, for a more robust performance if your ship's engine area is damaged and under repair.

After sinking the 2 enemy destroyers in order to complete the Fog of War mission, going on and sink the 3rd enemy destroyer, and then the 6 unarmed merchant ships to the north and east that the enemy destroyers were guarding, in order to occasionally get nice bonuses. However, going further in that mission and taking on cruisers and an aircraft carrier with your initial ship from 1890 is hopeless until you get a much better ship. As with role playing games (RPGs) in general, your character, which is in the form of a replaceable and modifiable ship in this game, improves as the game progresses.

After your first victory, you will have the experience points necessary to add a 3rd escort ship in the form of an ammunition supply vessel or a fuel supply vessel, and you will have money to upgrade your country's naval technology. I recommend weapon technology as 1st priority, engine technology as 2nd priority, and ship hull technology as 3rd priority. Weapons technology will give your ship guns that fire more rapidly and with more range, and will allow you to arm your ship with bigger torpedoes with more range. Engine technology allows you to buy slightly heavier engines that provide much more speed to your ship. Ship hull technology allows you to build bigger ships that can hold the more powerful but increasingly heavy weapons and ship engines, and ship hull technology will eventually allow you to buy new classes of ships such as cruisers, aircraft carriers, battleships, and a special type of ship in this game called a "battlecarrier". Electronics technology mainly allows you to detect the enemy at an increased distance, but at this early stage in the game, there is little point since your weapons have very little range. Aircraft technology allows you to build faster aircraft that can eventually fight at night, but in this early stage of the game, there is no point at all in having aircraft technology since destroyers, your only starting ship type, cannot carry aircraft.

Eventually, after about 15 battles, my advice is to have the following technology levels
Weapons: level 5
Engines: level 4
Ship hulls: level 3
Electronics: level 2
Airplanes: level 1
Remember at this point that the maximum technology level for each area of research is 30, meaning that even though your ship is substantially more powerful than the starting ship at the beginning of the game, your ship is not even close to invincible. At this point in the game if not earlier, your supply vessel escort and your other two escort ships should be changed out for ships with more fighting ability. As the game progresses, keep improving your 3 escort ships.

Since at this early part of the game your ship will encounter difficulty when faced with aircraft or heavier enemy ships, I recommend repeating the Fog of War mission at least 60 times before trying to defeat the cruisers that invariably show up after you sink some of the transport ships. Preferably you will do so with a cruiser of your own that is escorted by the maximum of 3 ships as well as being escorted by the 2 or more seaplanes that can be launched by your cruiser. After defeating some of the cruisers, an enemy aircraft carrier shows up, which at this stage of the game can be defeated with just a little bit of difficulty with the help of your own aircraft and your 3 escort ships. After that, how you play Naval Ops Commander is a mostly a matter of individual style.

Defeating the game.

The one tricky part of the game is mission E-1, because getting a slightly less than perfect score in that mission is necessary in order to get what is referred to in as a "28cm/9b RL", which is an especially powerful type of rocket launcher. In order to have a reasonable chance to complete the level F missions later in the Naval Ops Commander game, you will need at least 50 of those powerful rocket launchers on the biggest battleship that you can build, meaning that you will need to complete mission E-1 with a slightly less than perfect score some 50 times in order to get those 50 rocket launchers. When you do get your battleship of doom loaded with those 50 rocket launchers from mission E-1, watch the health bar on many enemy ships completely melt away after just one or two volleys of your rockets.
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Sep 1, 2014