I've enjoyed playing games since I was a little boy. My father bought a Nintendo when I was a child and we would play together.
Then my father bought our first computer. I remember sitting near to him as he built it. He had three games, Wolfenstein, Dune, and Quest for Glory. I played them all, obviously when I got a bit older haha. I remember sitting in school one day and they brought this speaker in to talk to us about violence and video games. They said something about kids who played Doom were more likely to shoot up the school. I might have been the only kid in the room to have played Doom. I didn't think much of it at the time, but I laugh about it now. I'm one of the more peaceful people you'll meet.
My brother and I would get my father's old PCs and we would spend hours trying to keep those old machines running. We would fight over what game we would install because our hard drive was only 200mb and we could only have one game installed at a time.
My dad would let us play on his PC after school and before he got home from work on Fridays. So my brother and I had an agreement, whoever got to his desk chair first got to play first. So as soon as we got off the bus we would fight tooth and nail to get to that chair. To the victor goes the spoils.
Our favorite game was Privateer 2 The Darkening. Awesome game! Timeless even. It was made during the time that graphics were so bad that they used real actors for cut scenes. Clive Owen played Lev Airrs and it was phenomenal. Even John Hurt and Christopher Walken were in this one.
We never had a lot of money to buy games and in my teenage years I had stacks and stacks of demo disks from PC Gamer magazine. I can't even count how many times I flipped through those stacks to find something to play.
I've had a lot of fun and made lots of friends in the different games I played since online gaming really set in. Also help me keep in touch with old friends and gave us something interesting to do together. I have moved a lot and most of my old friend live in other states. So it's been good.
I don't really game much these days. I have a lot more interests and passions than I used to and so I just feel drawn to do other things. I still love gaming, it just takes something special to keep my interest. The price of being jaded I guess.
Iblis88 Iblis88
26-30, M
Sep 2, 2014