Put On Hold . . . .

One of my passions in life is gardening. Planting a tiny seed and watching, caring for it till it's ...ripens or flowers. It is like loving and raising a baby.
BUT . . . .

This year, after 30 yrs of gardening, for the first time, i have "let down" my babies. My herb, flower, veggie gardens are all covered up in weeds and bugs! ....so sad, what a shame.  I will harvest what veggies are good and give them out to others.

This summer many changes have occurred, i had to allow something to ...give.

So, i am sorry for the lack of love and attention. Thank the Heavens there will be another season to make things right. . . . .~see ya next spring!
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5 Responses Jul 25, 2010

My sentiments exactly, nothing like your own garden planting the things you use most, saves you and you know what chemicals or not are used to produce them.

Garvan, huh i wrote this in july and you reply in August and it's January...lol... Well my mind has been wondering what joy i am going to plant... really soon in some flats. *smile* <br />
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I came back here to read what i had written, it was so sad. hmmm Well, the next season is knocking at the door and i'm smiling and ready to begin again.<br />
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Yup... i can go on and on about all my gardens, plants, love for them too. Thanks for commenting.

A passion of mine has always been gardening,I do it season by season,year by year,it really is a pleasure to watch the fruits of my labor develop.My favorite is flower gardening,especially my window boxes,tubs and baskets.Each year my goal is to do better than the previous.I display the best out front of the bungalow to brighten up the road and it gives me so much pleasure when I come home to see my creations.I could natter on for ages on this topic however I will not get carried away.

... i'd have to say.... looking onto my garden these days, a person would be Dazed and confused. *smile* I still have all my house plants, that are doing so-so.... living green things feel us just like our pets do. When you are happy and paying attention to them... they are happy in return. <br />
It's just all the changes i'm going thru these days. I should put forth and get on it in the gardens but this summer has been very hot! ohhhh... anyway... yup, i love to play in the dirt!!

I love to garden also, and I love sitting there watching my garden grow, i do some of my best thinking when I'm "Dazing"