Winter Daydream

I wish I could go outside and play in the dirt.
Adore colorful blooms, smell sweet scents, just sit amongst them.
I look out my window, seeing all I could be doing. Preparing for spring and all the new growth.
The herb garden is totally out of hand. Must tame it down. Dug some up and plant elsewhere.
That reminds me to sharpen the shovel and hoe.
Looking forward to lining my porch with flower baskets...huh.. what kind this year?
I need to get more rock for the flowerbeds...........

MorningBreeze MorningBreeze
56-60, F
2 Responses Jan 14, 2013

I will come and help if you want . .

I adore gardening.Winter time is such a special season to me.Flicking through the gardening catalogues,planning ahead for the annual borders always trying to create something better than the previous summer.
Flower baskets usually follow a similar pattern to seasons gone by,I often stick to the same cocktail of plants that I know work so well.My imagination is running riot thinking of the joys to come.
Thank you for sharing. :-)

I adore gardening too. I wish it was spring now. It's pretty out today, cold but pretty. Thank you.