Big, Hairy, Indigenous

I've always been big and hairy, since puberty anyway.  In high school i wanted to be thin and smooth like most of my friends and family.  I've got a good bit of native american in my ancestory (member of the Choctaw Tribe of Oklahoma with Cherokee and Creek ancestors as well) but my Euro genes made me hairy and beefy. Even back then, no one excited me more than someone like me, big and hairy. The bigger the better, the hairier the better.  My friends gave me a reputation i didn't deserve, "you'll sleep with anyone as  long as they bathe regular" based on their observance of the sort of guy i went home with.  The kind they might be friends with but would never be caught in bed with.  I didn't care about race  or age, didn't care what body type so long as it was  big.  This included great big massive muscle men and men with great big hairy bellies.  An attraction to wolves and otters came later, it was the hairiness i liked so much, but growing up in texas, i not only  had  no problem with bellies, i would sometimes choose a date based on how nice a belly he had. There were those who felt sorry for me because of my taste in men back then but now the bears have been out of the closet for over 30 years, people like what they like these days.  Not what they're SUPPOSED to like.
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Yes, big and hairy can be very awesome, but many of them feel bad for how they're looking. I do have a thing for 'bears', but many corpulent people (my personal experience) say I have a bad taste for thinking they're attractive, since they like to consider theirselves as ugly, and that makes me very sad. One of them even said once if I didn't have a lapse of taste I wouldn't even talk to him, and he's my closest friend. Bearish people are wonderful, even though many other people think different, even some of the bear men themselves. (sorry for grammar errors)

your totally so right yeah i a bear weigh 260 pounds and i proud of it <br />
i really find fat men attractive i fidns the thin once really unattractive<br />
there like corpse or something

well i've always liked really hairy guys 'cuz it's a sign of ultrahigh sexdrive---i have a 'moderate coat' all over first wet dream involved a star football pla<x>yer at my highschool -he was on varsity in the tenth grade....covered with light brown hair and always walking around with no shirt on.....years later in a ******** group i met this nicely built heavyweight wrestler-spanish/irish--entire body covered with 1.5" deep thick black hair...extremely passionate and satisfying...

omg your making my mouth water