Was *** ****** By A Stranger

YOU saw me while YOU were walking through the grocery store. I was bent over, picking up something off the bottom shelf. At first, YOU thought I was a girl, because of my nicely shaped *** and the fact that my low rider jeans were riding down, exposing a lacy white thong. YOU were so turned on, your **** started to get rigid right away. If YOU had been wearing jeans, YOU probably could have hidden it, but as YOU were coming home from work, YOU were in a suit and tie, and the thin fabric of your suit pants did little to reveal your hard ****.

YOU walked up to me, expecting to hit on a hot chick. "Hey baby," YOU said. YOU were shocked when I stood up and turned around, revealing a skinny boy.
Your shock passed quickly as YOU checked me out. Light hair, sparkling eyes and a shy smile on a feminine face. A rail thin body and flat stomach, just like like all your conquests to be, be they male or female. I might not have been a young, female ****, but I was just the kind of young **** YOU were looking for. YOU still wanted me, but decided that I would have to earn it. "Whoa," YOU said. "I wasn't expecting a dude. When I saw that *** barely covered by those girly jeans and that slutty thong, I figured I would be getting a chick that was good to go, not some boy in ****** clothes."

I looked down at the ground, flushing red with embarrassment. Me playing shy just turned you on more. "Is that what you are, some little ****** in girls clothes? Do you like dressing up like a girl?" YOU asked.

I didn't say anything, just nodded my head. "Oh yeah," YOU said, moving in closer to me. "You know what else girls like?" YOU asked, thrusting your hips forward enough that your hard-on would have been impossible for me to miss, even though I was still staring at the floor.

"I don't know," I whispered.

YOU leaned in close and whispered in my ear. "I bet you do know. I bet you want to reach out and touch it. Go ahead, reach out and touch it like the little **** that you are."

I reached out my right hand and started to rub your hard-on through your pants. YOU shivered with excitement, your boxer shorts already starting to get wet and sticky with pre-***. You pulled away a little, but not so far that I couldn't still keep rubbing your stiff ****. I ran my fingers along the entire shaft, measuring out the 7 inches of thick meat. I still hadn't looked up, but YOU could tell I was liking it.

"God, you are a ****," YOU said, "rubbing some stranger's **** in a grocery store where anyone could see. It feels good, but I can't have some sissy-***** making me cream my pants in public. You don't want any of the hot girls YOU am trying to pick up who shop here think I am some kind of ***. Do you live close to here?"

"No, I'm about 20 minutes away by bus," I said.

"****, that sucks. YOU live near here, but I can't take you back to my place. I have some friends over, and while I bet you'd like to have ***** coming at you from all angles, I don't want to share that hot *** with anyone else tonight."

YOU could see confusion in my eyes. YOU think I couldn't decide which had sounded better, a group gang-bang with you and your friends, or some one-on-one attention from you. Either way, it didn't matter because I didn't have a choice..

"Okay, here's what we'll do. I know a quiet little corner in the back lane behind the store. We'll go there and I will let you suck me off. Follow me," YOU said. I obediently put down my shopping basket and followed you out of the store without a word. We went through a dark pathway and came to a back lane that was used for deliveries. Most of the stores that backed on to the alley were closed, and the grocery store wasn't taking deliveries this late at night. It was perfect for you to **** my face without anyone seeing. We found a corner that was out of the way, but still had some light and YOU commanded me to get down on my knees. I started to lower myself, and then YOU reached out, grabbing me by the chin and pulling me back up to my feet.

"Actually, take off those jeans. I want to see that beautiful *** in that slutty thong while you are servicing me." I undid my jeans and slid them off, draping them over a nearby garbage can. YOU kept my hand on my chin, holding me in place for a moment as YOU checked me out.

"Pretty, girly face. Tight little t-shirt showing off your flat stomach and thin body. Nice skinny and hairless legs. Very good. You almost look like a chick. The more you look like a chick, the less gay it is," YOU said, adding, "for me, that is. For you, it's still very gay." YOU looked me up and down one last time, this time your gaze stopped on my white thong. There, sticking out hard and small, was my ****. YOU reached out and grabbed my **** and balls with your hand and gave them a squeeze. "Would you look at that," YOU cried. "You are rock solid, though it isn't much of a package to look at. But your thin, short girly-**** is rock hard. God, you are loving this, aren't you. YOU bet you can't wait to get down on your knees in this dirty alley and start to suck on my big ****, can you?"

"There is nothing I want more," I said. With those words, you let me go for it. I quickly fell to my knees and undid yoyr fly. You reached into yout boxer shorts and grabbed your **** and quickly put it in my mouth. YOU had never seen anyone so hungry for a big ****. It was such a turn on, You nearly gizzed yourself right then. I was glad you didn't, though, because once your **** was in my mouth it felt so good.

I started by taking just the tip of your **** in my mouth, and swirling my tongue around the head, licking up all the juicy pre-*** that the thoughts of my *** in that white thong had caused. Then I slowly moved my mouth further down the shaft, eventually getting all of your 7 inches into my wet and warm mouth. It was surprisingly good, YOU tossed your head back and moaned with pleasure.

YOU didn't keep my head back for long, though, because YOU wanted to watch that *** as my sissy-boy face sucked you off. "Stick out your *** so I can get a good look at it," YOU commanded. Wordlessly I stuck it out to give you a nice view of it. As I gaveyoue a very sexy blow job, I moved my *** slowly up and down, driving you wild with passion. Watching that beautifully, girly *** in those slutty white thongs, YOU was torn what to do. ******* my *****-mouth was feeling so good, it was warm and wet and soft, but watching that *** made you wonder if my little ****-hole wouldn't feel any better.

After a couple minutes YOU had decided, YOU needed to **** that ***. "My God, *****, I can't take watching that *** anymore. Get your face off my **** and pull off those panties so I can **** your *****," YOU screamed.

I got up off my knees, and leaning up against the wall of the alley, pulled down my thong to reveal the most glorious *** YOU might have ever had the pleasure to ****. YOU wasted no time in positioning yourself behind me, and got your **** pressed up against my tight little hole. YOU started to press in. At first, my sphincter gave resistance, but then my expert and well-used butt opened up like a flower blooming, and YOU were able to slide all the way in without any trouble.

Lucky for you, YOU had made the right choice. My *** was better than my already incredible mouth. It was tight enough to give you a really nice ride, without giving too much resistance. It was warm and deep, and it made you moan with pleasure when YOU shoved it all the way into me. "Oh, you little **** *****, you have such an incredible ***. It's too bad that this *** is on such a sissy boy, otherwise I would make you my girlfriend right now. You would like that, wouldn't you, being my girlfriend?" YOU asked.

"Oooooh, yes. I want to be your girlfriend," I cried as YOU pounded me.
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