How To Become A Bottom

Im 60years old now, married to my sexy dominating wife,Im her cuck, her toilet and her gayboy!
When I was 13 (!!!) I worked as a "waterboy" in a local malesauna; we had to be naked an be ready with water for the hot stones. I spent every free minute there to make some pocket money.....and the gay activities fascinated me.
One day a much older guy offered me a considerable amount of money (equivalent to maybe 10 bucks, I was living in an European country with my parents) if he could suck my ****. I have seen it many times and somehow it gave me pleasant goosepimples!
I nervously nodded and he went down on me right in front of everybody else. No need to say that despite of being nervous and some uneasy I was hard in a second and shot my young *** in about 5 in his mouth.
from then on I started to make "serious money" in the sauna! And it got much more serious when one of the guys started to lick my tight little *******. That made me crazy and i knew that I wanted something in it. He felt it too and started to explore me with his fingers. I will never in my life forget when he turned me on my knees and started to spread my legs. He was gentle enough when I started to feel his hard and much too big **** entering me from behind slowly but unstoppable!
Well, all of a sudden there was incredible pain and I almost blacked out! He shoved his huge **** into my virgin boy ***** and the pain was almost unbearable. For quite sometime he didnt move at all and that helped me to recover. I started to realize what he did and noticed at least half a dozen other hot "gentlemen" watching us, stroking their big man *****.
When he started to move (****) I had a sensational feeling of being in control and despite the pain it was wonderful! before he cumed (at that time of course always bareback) he worked hard on me and ****** me like an animal. I didnt feel his ***  shooting inside me but all of a sudden he collapsed on top of me, moaning and pulling his **** out of my boy ***** that soon was to become a real ****.I was wet,a bit exhausted but the pain was more pleasure now.
Some of the other guys wanted to take me right away but "my first"protected me and told them to leave me alone for today. In a strange way I was very happy and knew that from now on I will be able to make real pocket money.
Three days later I was back on my knees and was able to satisfy two much older guys.I started to like it but I was afraid that I will become gay!!! For the next 3 years I was the "little boy *****" and have developed a real soft and experienced ***** for my much older clientele. I even learned how to get an ****** with the last one ******* me,something a (gay) doctor much later explained to me only few guys can achieve.
When my parents moved to another city after about three years I was already a very experienced bottom (16!) and I enjoyed getting ****** and used. Shortly after I had my first woman;yes woman, not girl. She was a friend of my mom and I was mesmerized by her femininity, her curves! She took me to her bed and the bottom boy became a man.
When I married my (bisexual) wife I told her all about it and to my great relief she loves it until today. She cant watch me enough getting ****** in my (quite wide but not loose) man **** and I enjoy being her cuck, cleaning other (clean) men's *** out of her huge ****!
I love being a bottom and believe it or not, in 47 years I have never actively ****** a man or a boy, just opened my man **** (before boy *****) for hundreds (maybe thousands) of *****!  I'm a real bottom!!
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I wish I worked in a Sauna in this age, I wanked about your story

A bottom should know what he is good for and become good at it

Great story. Nice that you found an understanding woman.